{look at this} the ivanhoe & how i grew up

April 4, 2011

Ok, so I promised pics of the house I grew up in.…THE IVANHOE. Named after that old book I found by Sir Wal­ter Scott. But first, a lit­tle back­ground (or you can just skip down to the pics if you don’t care).

It is a 250 year old plan­ta­tion home in Vir­ginia. It was huge. And when we bought it, it needed a reDONcu­lous amount of work done to it. Peo­ple would say it was haunted, but it wasn’t. My par­ents decided in 93 to move from Atlanta, GA sub­di­vi­sion (new home) to the Ivan­hoe. I call it their mid-life crises.…but what­ever. I hated the house at first and called it a “dis­gust­ing old crooked farm house”. (yeah, I was an easy child…can you tell?)

As an adult, I now have very fond mem­o­ries of the home.…and come to find out, all that knowl­edge of fix­ing up and paint­ing and ren­o­vat­ing has come in handy over the years! As you now know, ren­o­va­tion and bring­ing old things to life is what I love doing MOST now! Who’d a thunk it?!  So, THANK YOU mom and dad for the oppor­tu­nity to grow up in a home like this! It was a very fun house that always had a revolv­ing door of peo­ple vis­it­ing or liv­ing with us (because of all the space). My par­ents were very wel­com­ing and used the home to its full advantage.

My par­ents moved out of the home when we all left for col­lege because it was too big to keep up (the worker bees had all left them:) Here is what it looked like towards the end of our 10 year stay at THE IVANHOE

the ivanhoe plantation home

Back of the house (which we actu­ally called the “true front” because back in the day, this was the main entrance). Talk about a LOT of grass to mow. NOT COOL as a teenager. Ha!

the ivanhoe plantation home

This is as you are dri­ving into the property.…there were a lot mis­cel­la­neous barns/sheds/buildings on the 21 acres of land and even a small grave yard. Crazy.

the ivanhoe plantation home

The right side of the house…

the ivanhoe plantation home

OH, and did I men­tion there was NO cen­tral heating/cooling? There were 2 wood stoves which was our main source of heat and even­tu­ally we put in some base­board heat­ing. But as for the sum­mer, it was just stinkin hot.

And the left side of the house…random bas­ket ball hoop in the grass…


And, the horses were always happy at the Ivan­hoe. Here they are in the snow (ran­dom picture).


Wish I had some of the inte­rior, but I couldn’t get my hands on any when I vis­ited my par­ents last. Sorry. Ok, so those of you who don’t know me, now know how I grew up. It was great and so are my parents.

Enjoy your beau­ti­ful week.

Cheers, S

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  • Whit­ney Hale

    LOVE that house. It’s gorgeous.….hope you are well and love being inspired by your blog!

  • SHA7

    Those are all beau­ti­ful pics Sarah. Thanks for shar­ing them. I will always miss that house. I loved vis­it­ing there!!

  • Lnel­son

    Thanks for the kind com­ments, Sarah.…it was a won­der­ful time in our family’s life, and we did have So many peo­ple come thru.…God used it con­stantly!!!!!!!! As Julie quotes Miranda Lambert’s recent song.…It is “the house that built me” God used that time to build us all in many ways. Love you.…

  • Lind­say Streeper

    I feel like I grew up in that house too! Lots of great mem­o­ries there, from play­ing out­side, to doing crafts inside…it was such a great place for our cre­ativ­ity to flour­ish. I wish you were still a few doors down :)

  • Loren

    Thanks so much for shar­ing those pics, Sarah. I was scan­ning the yard look­ing for the trampoline. :)

  • Gljosh

    Wow! I’m so excited to find your blog post. This is our house now — we’ve done LOTS of work to it, and we love it!  God is still using it — we have com­pany all the time, and monthly hymn-sings here.  I have plenty of before and after pics of the inside if you are inter­ested. Do you have any pic­tures or infor­ma­tion about other occu­pants from years gone by? We have done some research and are so inter­ested in learn­ing more! Bless­ings to you and your fam­ily,

    • That is so awe­some! I would die to see before and after pic­tures! We are still in the area actu­ally and are so happy is is being used by a great fam­ily! Send any info you have to me (sarah) at fiveoeightRD@gmail.com
      Also, I can tell you what i know about our stay there and past own­ers. Very cool– thanks for commenting!

    • Anony­mous

      That is so awe­some! I would die to see before and after pic­tures! We are still in the area actu­ally and are so happy is is being used by a great fam­ily! Send any info you have to me (sarah) at fiveoeightRD@gmail.com


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