No. 40 {big beautiful barn wood}

June 5, 2012

No. 40 {barnwood table}

No. 40 a lit­tle bit made me fall in love with barn wood all over again. I know barn wood is being used on every­thing every­where– espe­cially barn wood tables. Here at 508 it is every­where too. I can’t help it. This cus­tom din­ing table is A-MAZING.
No. 40 {barnwood table}

I am going to show you pic­tures and write about it.…but it was Nathan who made this hap­pen. 100%. From design to build­ing to completion…this was all him…and it works out well because this is the kind of stuff he real­l­l­l­l­lly loves to do.
Enough chatting…check out No. 40 in all his glory.… (and please excuse the photos…I was in a rush to take them before we packed him up…the work­shop pho­tos are grainy and the rest are taken in our liv­ing room…which is weird…oh well…)
No. 40 {barnwood table}
No. 40 {barnwood table}

Oh, and can I please say that this table put our lit­tle kitchen table TO SHAME???! That sounds bad…I love our table. Ours was meant to be a bit more rus­tic and this one more “vintage-y”…but now that all the cracks are filled with peanut but­ter & jelly…I MAY have men­tioned to Nathan how VERY NICE it would be to use the planer & bis­cuit joiner on the wood from OUR table and just “real quick” put it all back together…too much to ask??
No. 40 {barnwood table}
No. 40 {barnwood table}

{this is a hor­ri­ble pic­ture & I am sorry, but it gives you an idea of the whole thing}
No. 40 {barnwood table}
No. 40 {barnwood table}

Well, that is all I have…isn’t it beau­ti­ful?! I will say we had amaz­ing clients to work with {a VA local!!}. Beth and her hus­band are very please and even sent a quick picture…I think No. 40 is fit­ting in quite nicely in their new home!!!
no. 40 at home



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a barnwood table and more pretty little friends

May 24, 2012

Wanna see some­thing REALLY pretty? I had to show you a sneak peek of a table we just fin­ished for a client. It is amaz­ing. I a lit­tle bit want to keep it and maybe give her our old one.….per­haps that is self­ish of me…JOKING.
sneak peek, custom barn wood table

More pics of the whole table next week.
I also began num­ber­ing our Lilla Vän ani­mals so I can keep track. Have I already told you that? Any­way, here are some quick shots of some of the new ones…no. 13 large ram, lilla van
…some already have a home, but there are a few up in our shop today…
new lilla van animals

I am work­ing on fin­ish­ing up sev­eral Super Whales…even doing some dip­page on some of them. A lot O color.
Enjoy your week­end, hope it is long and rest­ful. We are off to go camp­ing and take a MUCH needed break for the week­end!!

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We will name him No. 37 {the stool with yellow feet}

May 17, 2012

You might have sneaked a peek or you maybe didn’t notice…but you might have seen our yellow-footed friend pos­ing  next to Minty {No. 34} in the Lilla Vän shoot…
No. 37 {the stool with yellow feet}

He is a new addi­tion to our 508made fam­ily of stools & side tables. As you can see, I have decided to go ahead and start num­ber­ing our 508 made items along with the oth­ers. I don’t know why…just go with it.
No. 37 {the stool with yellow feet}

The design for our stool came straight from the mind of Nathan. His design for our new kitchen scrap wood step-stool is so loved that we decided to make a larger ver­sion of it. And put yel­low feet on it. Don’t you just love it in the larger scale? We hope to do a 3rd size that can be used as a bar stool or side table.
No. 37 {the stool with yellow feet}

We decided to go ahead and make them both avail­able to you in our shop!  Woot. Because the bot­tom line is, we can’t keep every­thing we make. Sad.

Until next week,

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goodbye friends & how to get more

May 14, 2012

SO many of our lit­tle friends are all wrapped up and on their way to their new homes! A BIG thank you for all the won­der­ful feed­back and also to D*s for help­ing us spread the word on our Lilla Vän ani­mals!
Lilla Vän packaging

We have received many request for more, so we are busy mak­ing a new batch! If there is a par­tic­u­lar one you would like but some­one already snatched it up, email us with your request and we can put your cus­tom order in with our next set! You can also check out our shop for details too (on size, price, ship­ping dates, ect).
Lilla Vän packaging

We are SOOOOO happy you like them as much as we do– MANY more to come! Can’t wait to show off our new fur­ni­ture piece for our shop this week too!

Oh and one more thing…breakfast in bed while watch­ing Mod­ern Fam­ily (YES) and this lovely gift…

…made for a very happy Mother’s Day…I am blessed beyond mea­sure — thanks to my two beau­ti­ful chil­dren and lov­ing hus­band. Hope yours was happy too…


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Lilla Vän … a new collection by 508

May 8, 2012

OH. Hello. Are you excited today? Well, you bet­ter get there, because we just added a lit­tle some­thing to our 508 fam­ily. I want you all to meet our lit­tle friends…
Lilla Vän Collection

Let’s just be clear. I am totally try­ing to play it cool right now…but IT IS NOT HAPPENING. I just LOVE our new lit­tle col­lec­tion of painted wood ani­mal sil­hou­ettes that we like to call Lilla Vän {pro­nounced “leela-ven”}. It means “lit­tle friend” in Swedish.

I can not even tell you how fun it is to play with color & pat­tern on smaller-than-furniture scale pieces! Lilla Vän has a lit­tle 508 style mixed with a lit­tle of the Swede in me…I just can’t help it. We are intro­duc­ing 4 animals…in a vari­ety of sizes and color…
Lilla Vän: RAM
Lilla Vän: WHALE
Lilla Vän: RABBIT

The idea started to form about 6 months ago…in my WAY too tired and over­loaded brain…in other words, the idea was not solid (to say the least). But, on the prin­ci­ple of “waste not, want not”, I was try­ing to come up with an idea for us to use all our scrap pieces of beau­ti­ful barn wood & other misc wood from our fur­ni­ture mak­ing. Lucky for me, I also have a hus­band with draw­ing AND wood work­ing skills. SWEEEET.
Lilla Vän: MINI DALA

We tried MANY ani­mals. We made many mis­takes. Bru­tal hon­esty? Many of our failed attempts where burned in our wood stove over the win­ter. I don’t really hang on to stuff. We either love it or we burn it {appar­ently}.
Lilla Vän: RABBIT

I have sev­eral on my walls now and when you throw one of these in with your typ­i­cally bor­ing col­lage of pho­tos, it TOTALLY makes it fun and unique and filled with awe­some­ness. Per­sonal opin­ion, I know.
Lilla Vän: LARGE RAM

One day, we decided to add a SUPER WHALE. He is huge– too big for our barn wood. Made from a piece of wood from the Tor­rence saw mill. He is super amaz­ing.

Every­thing you see is avail­able in our shop today. For you. None of them are per­fect and none are the same.
So, go check em out and let us know what you think. We really do LOVE feed­back. Favorite ani­mal of the four? Favorite size? Want to see more of something?

OH and one more thing. I didn’t take a sin­gle one of the pho­tos. No not one. Thank you to my favorite…Kelly at Kel­lan Stu­dios. She loves me AND she is mad skilled AND she took all these pho­tos. xo

over and out.

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No. 33 {split personality}

April 23, 2012

In the midst of all the mad­ness going on around here with a wed­ding and client work and the usu­ally crazi­ness of our family…I found myself going a bit mad :) Per­haps that is why we have a new addi­tion to our shop… No. 33:No. 33

He came to us as plain as can be & a bit beat up…
No. 33 {before}

and as a result of the mad­ness, he came out with a split per­son­al­ity! Chippy painted dis­tressed chair dipped in solid white glossy. YUM.
No. 33

This chair is a per­fect expres­sion of 508 style…a bit SPLIT
No. 33
No. 33

No. 33

No. 33 is ready for a home. A small & quirky accent piece. SUCH a treat. You can buy him HERE at our shop.
That is all for today. Enjoy your Mon­day!
{the quote in yel­low made me laugh and i had to print a quick ver­sion for this shoot! i saw it here on pinterest}


**UPDATE: No. 33 has a new happy home and is no longer available**

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a chair > a marriage > a table > a hair cut

April 18, 2012

Numero uno:  this piece of fur­ni­ture is now com­plete and looks BA (but i don’t have a final pic yet– oops)
no. 33 sneek peek

Numero two {and most impor­tant}: My beau­ti­ful younger sis­ter is get­ting mar­ried in lit­tle more than A WEEK! I am a brides­maid. My daugh­ter is the flower girl. My son is the ring bearer. Whoa.
julie getting married
{this is NOT her dress, so i am not spoil­ing the wedding}

Numero another thing I have a photo of: a bunch of these barn wood boards are now trimmed and ready for the planer and will then be made into a farm house table. By us.
barn wood barnwood

Oh, and to top it all off (no pun intended), I now have to deal with main­tain­ing bangs. Which I have never had before. Until today.

so we are busy around here. and that is all i got.


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i want to think of dangerous & noble things

April 13, 2012

mary oliver poem, dangerous

We have been BUSAY these days…I feel like I have no time to share a post recently! Is that how all blog­gers are? You either blog about doing stuff or actu­ally do the stuff. Ugh. Anywho…can’t wait to show you some of the beau­ties we have been work­ing on!

I do have a moment to share this bit of a poem I just came across by Mary Oliver called Dan­ger­ous. I LOVE THIS. It is sim­ple and inno­cent and unpredictable.…I just love being inspired in unex­pected ways.

Ok, back to 508-ish things! This week­end will hope­fully be filled with me tak­ing pho­tos to share!

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a wee bit different way to do easter eggs

April 5, 2012

You guys. I do not crotchet and I do not dec­o­rate Easter eggs.
Both per­fectly lovely things to do-just not on my bucket list. I DO, how­ever,  like color & I very much like ran­dom­ness.
crotchet egg cosies

ENTER: cro­chet egg cosies. They are ridicu­lous because…do eggs really need cosies? The answer is YES. Because these are tiny and col­or­ful and I love them.
crochet egg cosies

In fact…this entire etsy shop is full of col­or­ful and ran­dom and tiny crotchet pat­terns (pdfs) that you can download…even if you don’t crochet…they say to start small, right?
crochet egg cosies

Look at me post­ing some­thing Easter-y!



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Good Product: New Linen Spring Collection by Bemz

April 3, 2012

bemz slipcovers spring collection brera

As a lover of my IKEA couches, I recently found (and became a huge fan) of Bemz. You heard of them?
bemz slipcovers spring collection brera

They offer a HUGE vari­ety of designer cov­ers (cot­ton, linen, loose fit, ect) for IKEA fur­ni­ture that embraces the Swedish look/lifestyle…and let me tell you…I was super stoked. Must be the Swede in me.…
bemz slipcovers spring collection brera

Oh, and I am not get­ting paid to say these nice things…I just really like the stuff– ha!
bemz slipcovers spring collection brera

These images are all Bemz images– from the new Spring col­lec­tion (Brera). Go check out their site because there are TONs more fab­rics and linens to choose from. OR check out their blog for great inspiration!


bemz slipcovers spring collection brera

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