508made: minty side table

March 26, 2012

You prob­a­bly fig­ured out by now that we like fur­ni­ture. Duh. I some­times stop &  think…“furniture is kind of a weird thing to love”…but then I get distracted…probably by a piece of fur­ni­ture. But we don’t just want to PAINT. We want to BUILD & DESIGN too. So, we start small. Meet our 508made minty side table:
508-made minty side table

We aren’t big into mod­ern or com­pli­cated design {obvi­ously}. Just usable fur­ni­ture that brings color to your home…
508made: minty side table

These pieces are NOT per­fect or alike.…
508made: minty side table

We want to make sim­ple fur­ni­ture that is MADE WELL so it can be WORN WELL.
508made: minty side table

We want to rep­re­sent char­ac­ter, travel, his­tory, color and sim­plic­ity…
508made: minty side table

…you know…all that good-one-of-a-kind stuff you want to col­lect for a “homey home” that rep­re­sents you…
508made: minty side table

We are not sell­ing these in our shop yet, but if you are inter­ested in Minty for your home, let us know.….… fiveoeightRD (at) gmail (dot) com. Minty is one of the first in a col­lec­tion of 508made stools and side tables that we will slowly be build­ing over the next months.

Oh, and just so you know. I am totally play­ing it cool right now, but inside I am all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG-DEAL-super-stoked-try-not-to-implode-with-ideas feeling.




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Good Words

March 23, 2012

73 letterpress, turn it up to eleven
{via 73 Letterpress}

Be cre­ative this weekend.


Oh. And GET EXCITED for some new 508-made fur­ni­ture on Monday.

Boo. Ya.

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Good Inspiration: colorful patterns & swedish vibes

March 20, 2012

made a mano pattern tiles


ikea pattern

anna maria kitchen towels

patterned coffee mugs by west elm

…work­ing on more pat­terned & col­or­ful pieces lately and totally inspired by images like these AND spring time colors…


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No. 30 & 31 {fraternal twins}

March 14, 2012

Hello friends. I am happy happy to share our lat­est bright and chippy set of chairs with you…PLUS they are in our shop. For YOU. Sweeet.
No. 30 & 31 {fraternal twins}

Meet No. 30…
No. 30

and No. 31…
No. 31
No. 31

We found them both like this…not sure why I only have the one chair in this photo. And, unfor­tu­nately for you, this pic does not demon­strate how NOT WHITE that white fab­ric was when we got them…
chairs before

The seats are cov­ered with vin­tage sheet fab­ric…
No. 30 & 31 {fraternal twins}

…and are now {of course} a VERY happy place to put your bum…no?
No. 30
No. 31

Not identical…but man are they a good match…
No. 30 & 31 {fraternal twins}

Kind of a per­fect set to add color and pat­tern to a kitchen/dining area. Or maybe a bed­room? If you want to give them a home, visit our fiveoeight etsy shop here.
Until next time…cheers!

No. 30 & 31 {fraternal twins}

**UPDATE: No. 31 has found a new home and is no longer available**

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March 2, 2012

be you bravely, magpie paper works


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Click it or ticket

March 1, 2012

508 portfolio page

Sub­tle, right?
Thanks to my hus­band, you can now click on over to the Port­fo­lio where you can eas­ily see some of our more pop­u­lar pieces of furniture!

It is a very click­able but­ton. You should try it.

I am sure there are still kinks to be worked out, but if you click on an image it will take you to the post about each piece. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

ALSO. I do want to WELCOME to all our new friends of 508! We have received an out­pour­ing of love this week and it is such an encour­age­ment! So thank you.

Til later.



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things that are good on a tuesday

February 28, 2012

1. It is 60 degrees and sunny in Feb­ru­ary
2.  I click on over to a fan­tas­tic blog-Perfectly Imper­fect and see that we have been given the sweet­est shout out ever– thank you Shaunna for your kind words!  And wel­come new visitors…thank you for stop­ping by! We are in the process of updat­ing our blog, so if you have ques­tions or some­thing isn’t click­ing, let me know.
3. See­ing this, makes me feel blessed:
furniture eye candy, perfectly imperfect blog
4. I tested a new green paint on a can­dle stick and find out that I love it. Now I am off to paint a chair.
new green for 508

5. My sweet hus­band added Pin­ter­est to our side­bar and I am super stoked. Now you can see all my recent pins and see what inspires me to do all the stuff we do here at 508.

A good Tues­day. Yes it is.




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scrap wood stool {the industructable kind}

February 28, 2012

508 restoration and design, handmade industructable stool

We have an active son.
I guess that is what you call one who likes to pick large objects up and slam them down– sumo style? Not out of anger…just because it is fun…and loud…and he is a BOY. Our pre­vi­ous stool was handed down from Nathan’s grandaddy…and we really liked it…but it was not built with Lin­coln Tor­rence in mind. Just last week it was slammed down for the last time and it fell to pieces. Sad.

old stool

We use the stool con­stantly in the kitchen. So we needed a new one FAST. An inde­struc­tible one.

He was punished for this...but he is not even TWO- so what do you do?

508 restoration and design, handmade industructable stool

Now, MY spa­tially chal­lenged brain can NOT do this, but leav­ing this task to Nathan is another story. He sketched the design quickly on paper and went out and made it all in an after­noon. I am brag­ging because build­ing a box out of wood would have taken me 2 solid days…at least.

He was punished for this...but he is not even TWO- so what do you do?

Lin­coln is no match for this. He can not break it. HE CAN, how­ever, break some­thing with it. But we we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

508 restoration and design, handmade industructable stool

We love it so much there is a pos­si­bil­ity we may make some more and add it to our etsy shop. Although it is just small, it would be so much fun to sell fur­ni­ture WE designed…something we both have wanted to get into for a while. What do you think?





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No. 28 {pinky twin}

February 20, 2012

508 No. 28 painted pink twin bed

We want to start your week off with a sweet pinky twin bed…No. 28…
no. 28 painted pink twin bed- before

no. 28 painted pink twin bed, fiveoeight.com

No. 28 belongs to the beau­ti­ful, 6-year old Bri­anna! Fresh­ened up in pale pink to match the lovely No. 26 twins.…
no. 26 twin end tables

no. 28 painted pink twin bed, fiveoeight.com

Wish I had photo of the entire room put together to show you, but all these pretty pieces are in Ohio now.
508 No. 28 painted pink twin bed

I have to tell you, though.…my 3 YEAR OLD has already put in her request for a pink bed. Pretty nor­mal for a girl, right?
WRONG. She has sifted through my paint swatches her­self and selected a shade of pink on her own. Then pro­ceeded to select a green for her armoire. The scary part? They are both great col­ors and would actu­ally look really good with her room. HOLY COW. WHAT. HAVE. I. CREATED?
508 No. 28 painted pink twin bed


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How we did yesterday.

February 15, 2012

every day i love you canvas painting

turquoise and gold feather earings, valentines day

valentines day craft for kids

We do not nor­mally make a big to-do on Valen­tines. But I had to share our lit­tle col­lec­tion of good­ies this year!

Next up? Our first bed re-do. Excited to show you…

1. DIY CANVAS PAINTING:   place remov­able 3″ adhe­sive stick­ers on a can­vas. paint and let dry. remove stick­ers. dunzo. the idea has been around and it was an easy one to do with the kids
2. EARINGS:   via etsy. i love them. i love him
3. BEADED HEARTS:   pre-school valen­tine party craft: beads, pipe cleaner and ribbon

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