things that are good on a tuesday

February 28, 2012

1. It is 60 degrees and sunny in Feb­ru­ary
2.  I click on over to a fan­tas­tic blog-Perfectly Imper­fect and see that we have been given the sweet­est shout out ever– thank you Shaunna for your kind words!  And wel­come new visitors…thank you for stop­ping by! We are in the process of updat­ing our blog, so if you have ques­tions or some­thing isn’t click­ing, let me know.
3. See­ing this, makes me feel blessed:
furniture eye candy, perfectly imperfect blog
4. I tested a new green paint on a can­dle stick and find out that I love it. Now I am off to paint a chair.
new green for 508

5. My sweet hus­band added Pin­ter­est to our side­bar and I am super stoked. Now you can see all my recent pins and see what inspires me to do all the stuff we do here at 508.

A good Tues­day. Yes it is.




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  • AM Schim

    New fol­lower over from Per­fectly Imper­fect!  Love your “eye candy”!!

    • Anony­mous

      Thanks and welcome!

  • Saman­tha

    Hey!! Drop­ping in from Ontario Canada, I’m find­ing you via Per­fectly Imper­fect and lur­rvvvvve your blog! Totally inspired! I’m more of a reader than blog­ger lately…excited to have cof­fee with ya from time to time! :)

  • janet met­zger

    Hello Sarah!
    I’m Janet from The Empty Nest blog and I’m a Vir­ginia gal also…Warrentpn to be exact. Happy to know you guys!

    Love the sim­plic­ity of you blog design…very easy on the eyes. Also drool­ing over the yel­low dresser.…too cute.

    I’ll be back again…have a lovely week!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    • Anony­mous

      Janet– always happy to “meet” some­one local! Thanks for stop­ping by and for all your sweet words.

  • Karen Need­ham

    Hi, I found you via Per­fectly Imper­fect and love your style!  I am also a fur­ni­ture painter, I am a Kiwi liv­ing in Aus­tralia.  I’d love to fol­low your blog but when I click on ‘RSS” it takes me to a page of html?  How do I fol­low you in google reader?


    • Anony­mous

      Hi Karen,
      We’re cur­rently work­ing on a num­ber of improve­ments for 508, includ­ing mak­ing rss and email sub­scrib­ing eas­ier! The quick­est way to sub­scribe in google reader is to go to reader (make sure you’re logged in to google), and in the search bar at the top type: 
      In the results click on “508 Restora­tion and Design” and you’ll then see a but­ton to sub­scribe. Let us know if you have prob­lems, thanks!

  • Proper Prim

    What a awe­some duo you are. 

     I have spent the last hour enjoy­ing your won­der­ful blog.  Your pieces are gorgeous. 

    Great job guys.  Popped over from Per­fectly Imperfect.

    Hugs, Deb

    • Anony­mous

      You made my day! So glad you stopped by and clicked around for a bit!

  • Cir­cadee

    I found you via Per­fectly Imper­fect and I’m so glad I did…Goooorgeous work guys!  Love it all.

  • Baerg1999

    What is the blue paint on the can­dle­sticks?  I love it.  Love your blog.  Thanks for shar­ing Shauna!

  • Found you through Shaunna’s blog…so glad I did! LOVE the candlesticks…and the yel­low chest. Do you have a par­tic­u­lar brand of paint you pre­fer to use when redo­ing your fur­ni­ture? I am ask­ing for my son…who is mov­ing into his first home and has lots of projects he wants to try. I have not had the opp. to go through your blog com­pletely, but I hope you have some tuto­ri­als he/we can use.
    I look for­ward to learn­ing more…
    Jane (Art­fully Graced)

    • Anony­mous

      Thanks! I usu­ally use Behr paint: Even if the color comes from another line, I color match to use Behr. I like Ben­jamin Moore too…it just isn’t as con­ve­nient for me to pick up.
      As for tuto­ri­als, we are begin­ning to pho­to­graph our processes more so that we can start post­ing tips/tutorials. As of now, if you browse our DIY cat­e­gory you can see what we have so far.

  • Shab­by­rosec­ot­tage

    Found your blog through Per­fectly Imper­fect.  I am a new fol­lower, Love the dresser and the knobs.

  • Char­lene Austin

    I’ve come fom PI too and sooooo happy I did!! Love the green on the can­dle stick. Will you share the colour? I’m hop­ing it’s a spray paint as I have a ter­ri­bly worn out Pyrex dish I want to spray a Kelly green. Just cuz. Lol. I’m a green fanatic. My kitchen island is 10′ x 4′ and GREEN!!

    • fiveoeight

       It is not a spray…it was just a sam­ple paint I brushed on. There is a very nice Kelly green that Kry­lon makes called Emer­ald Green which is a great one.

  • Found you through Per­fectly Imper­fects blog…just adore your style. Your color selec­tions are great. I look for­ward to see­ing what’s to come!

  • Kim

    Lov­ing the yel­low!!!!!!!!!!  I am envi­sion­ing a 508 wish­list for my anniver­sary gift this year!  BTW: What cam­era are you using­for your pictures?!

    • fiveoeight

       Love that– a 508 wish list! Sweet :) I was using my parent’s Nikon d70 (because I broke my nice Nikon). But we are about to take the plunge and switch over to Can­non 7D. Can not wait!


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