workshop update {our wench}

March 18, 2011

Nathan was a para­trooper.
Nathan has a bad back because of it.
We move a lot of fur­ni­ture.
We store it all on the sec­ond floor of our work­shop.
So, what did we do?
We pur­chased our own per­sonal wench.

workshop wench

The wench is SUPER pow­er­ful. With  the press of a but­ton, we are able to do this:

moving furniture with the wench

Looks kind of scary right?
Well, it was scary at first. But, I promise, each piece is totally secure plus it moves pretty slow. No dam­age to the fur­ni­ture. I would even feel safe to put Ella directly under­neith. KIIDDING. That would be a nightmare.

moving furniture with our wench

But really, we don’t lift a fin­ger and we were able to move every last piece of fin­ished and unfin­ished pieces to our upstairs with ease.

Crazy, right?

We used our wench to install the door to the upstairs too. I will show you THAT insan­ity next week. Along with some new pieces and fun DIY. Have a fab­u­lous weekend.

Here is to wenches! Cheers!


(**I know it is “winch”- Pretty sure the play on words is more fun.)

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  • Bernie

    Hmmm. I think you have a WINCH. As far as I know a WENCH is a “woman of ill repute”!

    • Haha– I know. Pretty sure it’s more fun to call it a wench tho. Just a play on words. I should say some­thing though so peo­ple know I am kid­ding. Ha. Thanks!

  • Loren

    I’m in love with that sec­ond piece of fur­ni­ture. INLOVE.…

    • He is sanded down and ready to paint this week­end. Can’t wait to show you!

    • Anony­mous

      He is sanded down and ready to paint this week­end. Can’t wait to show you!

  • sun­shine

    Cheers to WENCHES and WINCHES.. whatever :)


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