a waste of perfectly nice easter eggs…

April 2, 2010

I tried dev­iled eggs yes­ter­day because I love them. The smooth and creamy ones please. No rel­ish. I am look­ing at 2 recipes and the cre­ative me is going to com­bine them to make the per­fect dev­iled egg. One dozen eggs later, I real­ize that one recipe was for only 6 eggs. THE ENTIRE BATCH WAS RUINED. Not even my dog would eat them– seriously.

But I have some pretty pic­tures of eggs.…so there is that at least.…

hard boiled eggs

hard boiled eggs open

and for the finale?


DOES ANYONE HAVE A GOOD RECIPE FOR ME? I may be the only per­son in the world who cares about this.

Here is to a bet­ter easter egg endeavor…cheers!


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  • Nathan

    I feel like this is the oppo­site of restora­tion Sarah

  • Hey! My recipe for dev­iled eggs are as fol­lows (It’s my mom’s with a lit­tle extra I added so I dont have exact measurements)

    Mix in the yolks:
    Mayo (hell­mans kind, not mir­a­cle whip kind)
    Green olives chopped finely (This is optional– it gives a nice tang– I’ve also used chopped capers when I don’t have olives. But you dont need them I just like olives!)
    A dash of mus­tard
    Paprika (to taste)
    Salt (to taste)
    Pep­per (to taste)

    Some­times I get bored and add a dash of these items:
    cajun sea­son­ing
    onion pow­der
    gar­lic pow­der
    smoked paprika (instead of paprika– gives it a smokey fla­vor)
    old bay sea­son­ing
    lawry’s sea­son­ing salt

    I exper­i­ment a lot with var­i­ous fla­vor­ings! HTH


  • Karen Wor­lock

    Do not see a date, so not sure when this was posted. I am always the dev­iled egg maker in my fam­ily for get togeth­ers. Guess you could call me the dev­iled egg queen. It is really easy …sorry I never mea­sure. After you slice open the eggs, place all the yolks together. I then mash them in my small elec­tric chopper…to get them fine so there are not any lumps. Then start adding ingre­di­ents and tast­ing until they are per­fect. The amounts are always going to dif­fer accord­ing to how many you make any­way. First…I always use Kraft Salad Dressing(such a good fla­vor) then add salt, pep­per, (white sugar) not a lot — use a lit­tle first…then go by taste, and last some plain old yel­low mus­tard. Mix together until well com­bined with­out any lumps. Then either by the tea­spoon­ful, or get fancy and use a pas­try bag(for fancy) eggs. Top off with a sprin­kle of Paprika. If you do not like olives, or horse­rad­ish eggs you will love these. Just keep tast­ing until you like the fla­vor. Good luck.

    • Karen Wor­lock

      Cor­rec­tion to my recipe — use  only Kraft Mir­a­cle Whip. It is the BEST

    • Anony­mous

       So awe­some– thank you Karen! This was last year I think, but I still LOVE dev­iled eggs and you replied just in time for me to try again for our fam­ily Easter THIS year! Love it and thanks for tak­ing the time to teach me.


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