{before & after} barnwood table

February 15, 2011

barn wood table

Our lit­tle table is com­plete! It is soooo beau­ti­ful. When we first col­lected the wood, it looked like this:

barnwood boards untouched

And NOW, it looks like this!!

barnwood farm table complete

AHHHHHHHH! I love it!

We don’t really have chairs– ha! {these I just stuck there for the pho­tos}. Our plan is to have a bench for the kids on one side and 2 chairs for us on the other. Its small and nar­row and really just for our tiny fam so we don’t have to destroy the din­ing room at every meal.

barnwood farm table complete

Our orig­i­nal thought was to do a whole tuto­r­ial on how to build a farm table. But then we didn’t. Fail.

It is because Nathan went out to the shop one Sat­ur­day and put it all together in ONE day with out me tak­ing any pho­tos. Oops. The sand­ing and paint­ing wasn’t com­plete in a day, but the actual how-to of putting together was out the win­dow. I did catch a few pho­tos when he first started…cutting the legs out on his new table saw from my parents…it was FREEZING that day…

nathan making the legs

And here is the table legs right before we attached & trimmed the wood:

barnwood farm table before

They are solid OAK boards, so we knew they would stand up to a good beat­ing {our kids}. The wood for the legs and the skirt came from the sawmill left­over from our workshop.

I really wasn’t sure how it would look after sand­ing. So we sanded. A LOT. First with a belt sander, then with a finer and finer grit until it was super smooth.

I also wasn’t sure what to put on the sanded boards to bring out a rich color…so I got some tips from this super fun chica HERE. She used Howard’s Feed and Wax…so I used Howard’s…

howard's feed and wax

and got this…

barnwood farm table complete

YES, there are cracks and giant holes. I don’t care. When they fill up with oat­meal, we might just make a new one and use this as a buf­fet table– who knows?

barnwood farm table close up

It is a per­fect fit in our LITTLE NOOK in our LITTLE KITCHEN with our LITTLE YELLOW DOOR

kitchen nook

Our lit­tle matryoshka nest­ing dolls from our trip to Kaza­khstan keep watch…

kitchen shelf

A match­ing bench that can slide under­neath and 2 small col­or­ful chairs…will make for one happy sunny kitchen, don’t you think?

barnwood farm table

I am sooo thank­ful to Nathan for all his mad skill. He LOVES to build furniture…hope this will be the first of many using this barn­wood. Maybe even end up on our etsy shop one of these days…we have so many designs float­ing around in our heads…

barnwood farm table

barnwood farm table

Have a beau­ti­ful day! Hope your valen­tines was filled with love.



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  • Loren

    I love this so much, Sarah and Nathan!!! Did you put any­thing else on the table after sand­ing besides the Howards??

    • sarah

      Thanks Loren! Yes, LOTS of coats of poly!! Sand­ing gen­tly in between each. And the color is Bed­ford Gray, Martha Stew­art on my walls (I actu­ally used behr paint but color matched to get the martha color). LOVE — its even bet­ter in person.

  • sun­shine

    ohmigosh. i love. . love. . love…

  • LOVE it!

  • Kelly Port­noy

    OH MY WORD!!! Fantab­u­lous! It seri­ously looks like it was des­tined for that wall. The rud­di­ness of the wood against the white and grey with the pop of yel­low on the door…PERFECTION! Bravo, bravo Torrences.

  • naan­ders

    So where do you find Howard?

    • Anony­mous

      Nancy– Howard was at Home Depot :)

  • Kirsty

    It’s absolutely per­fect. I still love ours and want to snug­gle with it every day. Yours turned out beau­ti­fully. I heart Howard’s. It’s the best. Thanks for the shout out. You guys did great!

  • Gin­ger

    Gor­geous. I am in love with the table. Did you do any­thing else besides the Feed­nWax??? I would love to know, I love the color!

    • Nancy– Howard was at Home Depot :)
      Gin­ger– Thanks! Straight up sanded, applied Howard’s, then poly clear coat (4 poly coats to be exact). Isn’t that crazy? No stain or nothin. I only knew it would turn out that way because I sanded a sam­ple piece first and tried it!

  • GU34C34

    Great job you two! I love the look! and.….….it will make clean up a snap! Just brush the crumbs towards the hole :-)

    • Shelly– yes, we like the holes that lead to the floor. Char­lie our dog does too. It’s his feed­ing hole.

    • Anony­mous

      Shelly– yes, we like the holes that lead to the floor. Char­lie our dog does too. It’s his feed­ing hole.

  • Can­dace

    love it!!! it is absolutely gor­geous sarah!! well done!!

  • Emily Nel­son Walsh

    Love this! Bran­don and I are mak­ing plans to get crafty and make our own barn­wood table this sum­mer. Any tips? I think we may try using the wax you used. It is gorgeous!

  • Hmiller99

    beau­ti­ful table…i am get­ting ready to do an 8x4 table for my wife before she gets back from Kuwait. One question…for the top, did you sim­ply sand the barn­wood, or did he use a planer as well?
    Great job

    • Just a sander! Pretty heavy grit at first to get it smooth then a finer grit.

    • Anony­mous

      Just a sander! Pretty heavy grit at first to get it smooth then a finer grit.

  • R_heyde

    Oh, it is gor­geous!!!  What kind of poly did you use? 

    • Anony­mous

       Thanks! Just the basic Min­wax Satin that you can get at Home Depot!

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  • Holly B.

    How did you attach the barn­wood to the table? Nail gun?

    • Nathan_at_508

      Wood screws. Under­neath the top boards are some cross-pieces than run per­pen­dic­u­lar to the top boards. I screwed the boards together from underneath.

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  • Krissy L.

    My hus­band and I are work­ing on our own barn table now, I love the look of yours! What dif­fer­ent types of grit did you sand with? And then you used the howard prod­uct? Did the feed and wax solve the extremely thirsty wood prob­lem? And then you did the poly?, how many coats of poly did you end up need­ing and how is the fin­ish hold­ing up to the kids? One more ques­tion did you use a stain or was this the beau­ti­ful rich color you got after the howard and poly? Its beautiful!


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