Hanging a Fabric embroidery Hoop arrangement

November 4, 2011

Back 11 months ago {yes, that would be last Christ­mas}, Nathan bought me these fab­ric hoops. Being ever so thought­ful, he remem­bered me say­ing I wanted to dis­play some of my scrap fab­rics this way.

Well, I have a lot of ideas, ok? And I don’t always do them…right away. But now this is done and it is very pretty in my din­ing room and I did it like this:
Hanging Fabric Hoops

There are a bunch of gallery-collection-hanging-tips online, so I am sure this is old news blues…like maybe 11 months ago news? But I thought I would write it out any­way. In case this is the first blog you have ever read. {Wouldn’t that be cool?}

1. Place the fab­ric in the hoops,  tighten & trim close. {I didn’t glue like some peo­ple, because I change my mind too often and knew these fab­rics would change.}
2. Trace ALL your hoops on white paper and cut out paper cir­cles.
3. Arranged how you want on the wall with painter’s tape.
4. Nail directly into the center-top of the paper & hang your hoops!

    Done and Done. Easy Peezy.

    UNLESS you decide to add grandma’s flower paint­ing in the mid­dle. Then you take some of the hoops away and place the paint­ing on one of the exist­ing nails. I like the ran­dom­ness of the place­ments now.
    Fabric Hoop Arrangement {with painting}

    Oh, and I need a table/sideboard/credenza thing. Yes, the fur­ni­ture girl needs a lot of furniture.

    Wel­come again to all our new view­ers– have a good week­end!

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    • Love it!  I’ve seen some before but the great thing is — not every­one has!  Even bet­ter — no two peo­ple will every carry around all of the same fab­ric scraps!  It’s like a unique dis­play of projects past and really a great story wall.  Then you’ll get to tell peo­ple that love it (and they will) I used this fab­ric for this chair, stool, bench, etc.

      Good luck with your side­board hunt!  It took me a while to finally find one that wasn’t a small for­tune.  In the mean­time you could always sub it with a dress or skinny table.


    • Sun­blewis

      i want to do this!!!! i’ve had this on the ‘to do list’ — for for­ever.. 
      love it. 


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