Lilla Vän … a new collection by 508

May 8, 2012

OH. Hello. Are you excited today? Well, you bet­ter get there, because we just added a lit­tle some­thing to our 508 fam­ily. I want you all to meet our lit­tle friends…
Lilla Vän Collection

Let’s just be clear. I am totally try­ing to play it cool right now…but IT IS NOT HAPPENING. I just LOVE our new lit­tle col­lec­tion of painted wood ani­mal sil­hou­ettes that we like to call Lilla Vän {pro­nounced “leela-ven”}. It means “lit­tle friend” in Swedish.

I can not even tell you how fun it is to play with color & pat­tern on smaller-than-furniture scale pieces! Lilla Vän has a lit­tle 508 style mixed with a lit­tle of the Swede in me…I just can’t help it. We are intro­duc­ing 4 animals…in a vari­ety of sizes and color…
Lilla Vän: RAM
Lilla Vän: WHALE
Lilla Vän: RABBIT

The idea started to form about 6 months ago…in my WAY too tired and over­loaded brain…in other words, the idea was not solid (to say the least). But, on the prin­ci­ple of “waste not, want not”, I was try­ing to come up with an idea for us to use all our scrap pieces of beau­ti­ful barn wood & other misc wood from our fur­ni­ture mak­ing. Lucky for me, I also have a hus­band with draw­ing AND wood work­ing skills. SWEEEET.
Lilla Vän: MINI DALA

We tried MANY ani­mals. We made many mis­takes. Bru­tal hon­esty? Many of our failed attempts where burned in our wood stove over the win­ter. I don’t really hang on to stuff. We either love it or we burn it {appar­ently}.
Lilla Vän: RABBIT

I have sev­eral on my walls now and when you throw one of these in with your typ­i­cally bor­ing col­lage of pho­tos, it TOTALLY makes it fun and unique and filled with awe­some­ness. Per­sonal opin­ion, I know.
Lilla Vän: LARGE RAM

One day, we decided to add a SUPER WHALE. He is huge– too big for our barn wood. Made from a piece of wood from the Tor­rence saw mill. He is super amaz­ing.

Every­thing you see is avail­able in our shop today. For you. None of them are per­fect and none are the same.
So, go check em out and let us know what you think. We really do LOVE feed­back. Favorite ani­mal of the four? Favorite size? Want to see more of something?

OH and one more thing. I didn’t take a sin­gle one of the pho­tos. No not one. Thank you to my favorite…Kelly at Kel­lan Stu­dios. She loves me AND she is mad skilled AND she took all these pho­tos. xo

over and out.

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  • Yby5

    Big thumbs up from one Swede to another! Lov­ing the Ram…colors are fun. Great addi­tion to your already awe­some collection!

  • Adorable!!! Such a sweet idea…I’d love to see an owl ;)

  • Dana @ Circa Dee

    LOVE!  They seem very anthro.  Maybe they’ll carry them for you!

  • Char

    Fab­u­lous — I love the name too.  I want some.

  • ember

    The are incred­i­bly cute!! Hubby and I are all about reusing and not wast­ing, I just think these are the sweetest!

  • Bar­bara

    So cute Sarah…great idea and and love the idea of re-purposing the old wood

  • Linda Under­wood

    Just love your lit­tle barn friends! Awe­some idea!

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  • per­haps it’s the dane in me, but i’m in love w/ this group­ing.  the whale has stolen my heart.… and made my pinboard!


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