No. 13 {a good luck charm}

November 18, 2010

No.13 {before}

No. 13

No. 13 is my Nonni’s most favorite num­ber in the world. I know some peo­ple think its bad luck…WHATEVER.

I remem­ber get­ting 13 Christ­mas gifts as a child from my Nonni strictly because it was her favorite…so to me, its a pretty good number.

All that to say? No. 13 is a spe­cial piece, so I had to make him a DOOZIE. He is a big beau­ti­ful BEAST of a piece and I adore him.

No. 13


No. 13

{No. 13 Gray Buf­fet avail­able 450.00 on etsy}



{OH– and the pho­tos with the cow hide? That is all Kel­lan again. So, No. 13 is famous now too}

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  • No. 13 is so beau­ti­ful! and I just love the pho­tos and the rug :)

  • Sun­shine Lewis

    I love this! So beautiful..

    P.S. Tay­lor Swift’s favorite num­ber is 13. Just sayin’.

  • Gretchen

    Not to men­tion that your favorite older sis­ter and your mom were born on a 13th .… :-)

  • Lyn­d­sey Croft

    I wish you or Nathan would draw my name at Christ­mas and make me some­thing this awe­some. The $25 bud­get doesn’t have to apply this year. :)


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