the No. 21 twins {bold & beautiful}

July 5, 2011

508 Restoration and Design

Three months. That is a long break. But let me tell you, it was needed. For all who are won­der­ing, 508 is still here and still mak­ing fab­u­lous fur­ni­ture! We took some time to recoup/regroup and make some deci­sions as a fam­ily as to how to move for­ward! This is going to be a kind of long post because I have tons of (what I think are cool) pho­tos to show you PLUS, at the end of this post, I explain a lit­tle more some of the changes we are making.…

BUT with out fur­ther adieu.…I want you to meet these guys.…the No. 21 twins…

No. 21 chairs before

508 Restoration and Design

Whoa– right? These twins were a com­mis­sion piece for a lovely cou­ple in DC. They found this incred­i­ble set of chairs that I just could NOT say no to! I have never done a piece like this because these suck­ers were OLD.
The work here was in the DECONSTRUCTION. HOLY MOLY .…I am talk­ing lay­ers and LAYERS of shred­ding silk, horse hair, springs, one hun­dred thou­sand tacks and HAY believe it or not! I took a series of pho­tos as I was tak­ing apart the first one…take a look:

No. 21 deconstruction

That first rip into the seat is when I knew this was going to be a big job:
No. 21 deconstruction

No. 21 deconstruction

Yup– there is the hay/straw…
No. 21 deconstruction

The spring were attached with twine…
No. 21 deconstruction

I actu­ally ended up tak­ing these springs to the reupholster-er guy and he used them to cre­ate the seats again…pretty cool stuff. Oh– WHAT? You thought I reuphol­stered them too?! Who do you think I am-some type of super woman? Its a com­mon mis­take peo­ple make about me.
No. 21 deconstruction

No. 21 deconstruction

Once all of that was done, the real work began.…there were over ONE HUNDRED MILLION tacks from all the times they had been uphol­stered. And Nathan and I took every last one of them out. We wanted a clean slate and we wanted to be able to do some repair to make sure these suck­ers were nice and sturdy. That is right.…that is how we roll.
No. 21 deconstruction

No. 21 deconstruction

And here it is with every­thing taken off and ready for 508 to do its thang…
No. 21 deconstruction

PHEW. A lot of work, but TOTALLY worth it because to me it is such a cool process tak­ing apart some­thing that old. I love every­thing about these chairs and loved the oppor­tu­nity to work on them.
As for their NEW look, we dis­cussed how to “508” them and I couldn’t get this black and white stripe thing out of my head…I was DYING to do a chair like this and these seemed to be a per­fect fit. I had seen a chair a loooong time ago like this on design sponge (thank you for the inspi­ra­tion) and got the “Jo’s” (clients) approval.…and voila!

no 21 front and back after shots

She wanted their num­ber stamped in a vis­i­ble loca­tion which I ended up REALLY lik­ing the con­trast of the black num­bers on the white!
508 Restoration and Design

This will also not be the last you will see of this fab­ric– I am totally on a black and white stripe kick.…so set­tle in and get used to it…
508 Restoration and Design

no 21 after details

Oh– and you are won­der­ing why my “after” pic­tures are unusu­ally fan­tas­tic even though my cam­era is still bro­ken? They are all cour­tesy of Kelly (Kel­lan Stu­dios)- THANK YOU!
no 21 chair after

Ok– as for our updates.…
Changes? Yes. Our blog is still here but we will spend less time blog­ging and more time on fur­ni­ture! The blog will be focused mainly on our before and after pieces {like this one!}. Our etsy shop will slowly start to fill up again, but as it turns out, our hands are pretty full with local pieces {which you will get to see on our blog}. To find out what inspires us here at 508, come fol­low me on Pin­ter­estAND of course, you can keep up to date with quick bits of info on our Face­book page.

That’s all I got! We are on vaca­tion this whole week, so if I don’t respond right away, that is why. But other than that we are happy to be back!

508 Restoration and Design


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  • Loren

    Love the, love them, love them!!!

  • Joan­nachar­ron

    I can’t believe you saved these pret­ties! The process pho­tos are awe­some!! I LOVE THEM!

  • Cater­ine Snelson

    amaz­ing! love your work…


  • Emily Weiss

    I saw this post on design sponge along with the kitchen Island. You men­tioned your own glaze to fur­ther age to the piece. Any glazes you would rec­om­mend or com­bi­na­tion of things you would rec­om­mend? I am inter­ested in sand­ing paint­ing and dis­tress­ing a dresser and two night stands for a bed­room and I love the look you achieved!

    • I just used a clear wax on the chairs after dis­tress­ing with a sander. Some­times I will use a darker stain over the paint to get an aged look as well.

    • Anony­mous

      I just used a clear wax on the chairs after dis­tress­ing with a sander. Some­times I will use a darker stain over the paint to get an aged look as well.

  • Joy Morykon


  • Joy Morykon


  • Sun­shine

    You are a mir­a­cle worker. . These are amazing!

  • Phylken1

    Wow! What a trans­for­ma­tion! The chairs came out beau­ti­fully! You cer­tainly see hid­den beauty in old, worn out fur­ni­ture. Inter­est­ing pic­tures of the process. Love you G and G.

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