No. 24 {a custom beauty}

August 17, 2011

No. 24

RED. Yes peo­ple, we painted a piece RED. First red piece EVER. And I have to admit, it was the per­fect one to do it on.

My friend of a friend, “J”,  brought me this piece from DC and the poor bench was half-way cov­ered in mint green paint. VERY poor and incom­plete paint job. It was sad. Does this pic­ture make it look good? Well, it wasn’t good. Just take my word… here is sweet 24 before:

No. 24 {before}

Mov­ing on.…“J” wanted it red to match her kitchen and you can just pic­ture it sit­ting right up to her farm table (no, really…you have to pic­ture it because I don’t have a pic­ture).
Her plan is to re-upholster the backs.…and send me pho­tos so I can post the actual “after” shots (because I know how much you peo­ple love your before and afters).
OH– and yes, this is my hallway…I couldn’t drag it to the shop myself…deal with it.

No. 24

The big prob­lem? We wanted to heav­ily dis­tress this sucker.…which meant ALL the mint green had to GO. In order to get all the nooks and cran­nies we took off the three top boards and sanded our lit­tle hearts out. And then sanded more. Then 2–3 coats of red (I don’t remember).….then MORE sand­ing! Finally No. 24 was named and a beau­ti­ful coat of brown wax applied.
No. 24

J” wanted the num­bers vis­i­ble on the sides and we were happy to oblige…
No. 24

No. 24

again…lots of yucky green paint in ran­dom globs:
No. 24 {before}

and now…
No. 24

Talk about a GREAT idea: Three chairs with one seat = BENCH.
I am think­ing this would be a pretty easy DIY with some of our left­over barn wood.…no?

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  • Sun­shine

    This is freak­ing awe­some. . fo real. I love them. 

  • Jeff McClure

    Love this idea, will be on the look out for a few chairs now to make my own!

    • Nathan_at_508

       Great! Send us a pic when you fin­ish it.


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