No. 40 {big beautiful barn wood}

June 5, 2012

No. 40 {barnwood table}

No. 40 a lit­tle bit made me fall in love with barn wood all over again. I know barn wood is being used on every­thing every­where– espe­cially barn wood tables. Here at 508 it is every­where too. I can’t help it. This cus­tom din­ing table is A-MAZING.
No. 40 {barnwood table}

I am going to show you pic­tures and write about it.…but it was Nathan who made this hap­pen. 100%. From design to build­ing to completion…this was all him…and it works out well because this is the kind of stuff he real­l­l­l­l­lly loves to do.
Enough chatting…check out No. 40 in all his glory.… (and please excuse the photos…I was in a rush to take them before we packed him up…the work­shop pho­tos are grainy and the rest are taken in our liv­ing room…which is weird…oh well…)
No. 40 {barnwood table}
No. 40 {barnwood table}

Oh, and can I please say that this table put our lit­tle kitchen table TO SHAME???! That sounds bad…I love our table. Ours was meant to be a bit more rus­tic and this one more “vintage-y”…but now that all the cracks are filled with peanut but­ter & jelly…I MAY have men­tioned to Nathan how VERY NICE it would be to use the planer & bis­cuit joiner on the wood from OUR table and just “real quick” put it all back together…too much to ask??
No. 40 {barnwood table}
No. 40 {barnwood table}

{this is a hor­ri­ble pic­ture & I am sorry, but it gives you an idea of the whole thing}
No. 40 {barnwood table}
No. 40 {barnwood table}

Well, that is all I have…isn’t it beau­ti­ful?! I will say we had amaz­ing clients to work with {a VA local!!}. Beth and her hus­band are very please and even sent a quick picture…I think No. 40 is fit­ting in quite nicely in their new home!!!
no. 40 at home



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  • It is gorgeous!

  • sheri k

    Curi­ous to know how you sealed this table. Did you use the Thomp­sons on this one??

    • Nathan_at_508

      No we used a wax


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