No. 41 {freshy fresh}

June 11, 2012

No. 41

Start­ing off fresh with No. 41 this Mon­day morn­ing! Take a look at this looker…

No. 41 {before}

No. 41 {freshy fresh}

No. 41 {freshy fresh}

I have had this suu­u­u­per pale mint/jade paint color in my stock for a while now…just wait­ing for the per­fect lit­tle num­ber to use it on. This is one of those rare times I went glossy, NO distressing…I know…SHOCKING. Cou­ple that with the bright­est orange I have EVER used and OH MAN…I am totally dig­gin it. (do peo­ple still say “dig­gin it”?)

No. 41 {freshy fresh}

No. 41 was for a beau­ti­ful bride this past weekend…congrats, Kate!!! She and her new hus­band are super fun…so this piece was the per­fect match :)

No. 41 {freshy fresh}

My favorite part? You know I love some orange dip­page  going on with the feet PLUS I had a chance to finally use these SWEET birdies…
No. 41 {freshy fresh}

A fun piece going to a super fun home given by super fun peo­ple. XO, G&G and Judy & Mike!
No. 41 {freshy fresh}

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  • Amy­lyn­n­davis

    I love this piece! I was scram­bling for my credit card when I was it was for Kate… Ha! Lucky girl! It’s beautiful!

    • fiveoeight

       Oh man– sorry it was taken! You will see our shop fill with more fur­ni­ture this fall…we have too many cus­tom pieces over the summer.…but stay tuned!

  • Kelly Port­noy

    It is every­thing and more. DIVINE!!!!  MUST HAVE this combo in next house.  You are so tal­ented Sarah…what clever and amaz­ing taste you have. LOVE!

    • fiveoeight

      Thanks! I just real­ized this piece matches our blog design.…no won­der I like it! :)

      • i was just going to com­ment on how it matches your blog col­ors. love it, absolutely beautiful! 

  • It’s lovely! I like the sur­pris­ing pop of color on the inside. 

  • Laura

    I love it! <3

  • I love that orange! 

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  • Lolly Jane

    Oh boy! Get­ting sucked into your dar­ling blog. You two are quite the pair! LOVE your style!! XO

    • fiveoeight

       So happy you found us and thank you!


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