{reclaim it} crate and color

February 23, 2011
painted crate
{Tea for Joy}
painted crate
{Lykke Lise}

Dec­o­rat­ing with old crates is a thing now. Noth­ing new. But these images of PAINTED CRATES have caught my eye lately. Maybe its because we have a FANTASTIC old crate just sit­ting on the front porch being neglected– sad story, I know. We found it like this (cour­tesy of Nathan’s brother):

old crate before

It had no bot­tom to it, so we found some old boards and attached them. Easy peezy. It has even been in a few pho­to­shoots (what a rockstar):

kellan turquoise desk and old crate


Of course, I don’t want to ruin the thing with paint either. We all know I get a lit­tle crazy with paint some­times. Obv.

So, maybe I just leave it and do some­thing BA like this:

old crate boxes for bookshelves


Any­way. Those are my thoughts.


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  • Sanc­tu­ary Home

    I remem­ber when I was in High School, my bed­room was dec­o­rated with cast-offs from fam­ily mem­bers. I had a crate that I filled with my albums. Noth­ing was new, but I loved it. I guess I was Boho before it was cool.
    BTW…I like all of your pics, espe­cially the ones from your own photo shoots.

    • sarah

      Thanks Susan! You are so sweet. Yeah…we set­tled on using it as a book­shelf too…can’t go wrong. I’ll try to get pics up on the site when all is said and done. Still not sure if I should paint the bot­tom.… Thanks for reading!!

  • Sun­shine

    love. i want one.


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