508made: minty side table

508made: minty side table

You probably figured out by now that we like furniture. Duh. I sometimes stop &  think…”furniture is kind of a weird thing to love”…but then I get distracted…probably by a piece of furniture. But we don’t just want to PAINT. We want to BUILD & DESIGN too. So, we start small. Meet our 508made minty side table:
508-made minty side table

We aren’t big into modern or complicated design {obviously}. Just usable furniture that brings color to your home…
508made: minty side table

These pieces are NOT perfect or alike….
508made: minty side table

We want to make simple furniture that is MADE WELL so it can be WORN WELL.
508made: minty side table

We want to represent character, travel, history, color and simplicity…
508made: minty side table

…you know…all that good-one-of-a-kind stuff you want to collect for a “homey home” that represents you…
508made: minty side table

We are not selling these in our shop yet, but if you are interested in Minty for your home, let us know…….. fiveoeightRD (at) gmail (dot) com. Minty is one of the first in a collection of 508made stools and side tables that we will slowly be building over the next months.

Oh, and just so you know. I am totally playing it cool right now, but inside I am all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG-DEAL-super-stoked-try-not-to-implode-with-ideas feeling.




  • Dana


  • kathleen soucy

    very cool!  Never knew I liked mint green, but I think I do. :)

  • Voyageofbran

    Very Exciting!  I can’t wait to see more!

  • Arnela O

    I love mint green it s so vintage!

  • I love this! I was wondering what you use to seal your furniture that gets used a lot? I recently painted (with latex) and distressed an old dresser and am wondering if I should & if so, what I would seal it with? I love the look of it now and I am scared that if I seal it with poly or wax it will change the look, but I need the top to be durable because I will be using it as a nightstand and moving a lot. Any help would be great!!

    • fiveoeight

      For this piece, I used clear furniture wax. Depending on the piece, I either use a poly, polycrylic or furniture wax. If you want a more matte look that doesn’t change the tone of the paint too much, i would use either satin polycrylic or clear wax. Hope this helps!