Lilla Vän decor

Hello and welcome!

We are so excited to be back again! With this relaunch comes a new site, new logo and a BUNCH of new animal friends! Please take a few moments to look around the shop! It’s been a while (and by that I mean a baby, a house and a job have transpired). Don’t worry though, I won’t bore you with the details of my absence. In fact, while we considered starting fiveoeight up again, my biggest dread was this…the blog. Read More

No. 43
{DIY chippy paint & a new seat}

I just recently did a guest post for Bemz {its a cover up} giving a run-down on one of our painting methods- you can check them out…Bemz covers & fabrics are crazy awesome. Anyway, I thought I would post it here too….because this beauty is for sale in our shop AND because I thought of some additional tips in hind sight that I wanted to share. I also realize this may be old news to some, but many of our Read More

No. 36 {factory cart}

A while back, while visiting an old friend, Nathan discovered an entire collection of factory carts. That might not exactly explain how we found them, but lets just say there are many more where this one came from. Crazy, right? We had no intention of getting into restoring factory carts, but these had such beautiful potential that we had to try our hand at it. No. 36 is our first attempt…and I am in love… After much research, we realized Read More

No. 42 Blue Buffet

No. 42 {big boy blue}… a-wedding-gift …again

I told you I had a massively big and beautiful sapphire blue piece to show you. Well, meet No. 42. This was one of those pieces I bought with out a plan. Meaning…there is NO WAY I am going to be able to ship this to a client…we don’t really have a place for it in our home…but it looks like a giant’s desk….so how can I pass it by?? So, it went home with me. And it stayed home, Read More

No. 41 White Side Table

No. 41 {freshy fresh}

Starting off fresh with No. 41 this Monday morning! Take a look at this looker… I have had this suuuuper pale mint/jade paint color in my stock for a while now…just waiting for the perfect little number to use it on. This is one of those rare times I went glossy, NO distressing…I know…SHOCKING. Couple that with the brightest orange I have EVER used and OH MAN…I am totally diggin it. (do people still say “diggin it”?) No. 41 was Read More

No. 40 {big beautiful barn wood}

No. 40 a little bit made me fall in love with barn wood all over again. I know barn wood is being used on everything everywhere- especially barn wood tables. Here at 508 it is everywhere too. I can’t help it. This custom dining table is A-MAZING. I am going to show you pictures and write about it….but it was Nathan who made this happen. 100%. From design to building to completion…this was all him…and it works out well because Read More

No. 37 Stool with yellow feet

We will name him No. 37 {the stool with yellow feet}

You might have sneaked a peek or you maybe didn’t notice…but you might have seen our yellow-footed friend posing  next to Minty {No. 34} in the Lilla Vän shoot… He is a new addition to our 508made family of stools & side tables. As you can see, I have decided to go ahead and start numbering our 508 made items along with the others. I don’t know why…just go with it. The design for our stool came straight from the mind Read More

Lilla Vän … a new collection by 508

OH. Hello. Are you excited today? Well, you better get there, because we just added a little something to our 508 family. I want you all to meet our little friends… Let’s just be clear. I am totally trying to play it cool right now…but IT IS NOT HAPPENING. I just LOVE our new little collection of painted wood animal silhouettes that we like to call Lilla Vän {pronounced “leela-ven”}. It means “little friend” in Swedish. I can not even Read More

No. 33 {split personality}

In the midst of all the madness going on around here with a wedding and client work and the usually craziness of our family…I found myself going a bit mad :) Perhaps that is why we have a new addition to our shop… No. 33: He came to us as plain as can be & a bit beat up… and as a result of the madness, he came out with a split personality! Chippy painted distressed chair dipped in solid Read More

508made: minty side table

You probably figured out by now that we like furniture. Duh. I sometimes stop &  think…”furniture is kind of a weird thing to love”…but then I get distracted…probably by a piece of furniture. But we don’t just want to PAINT. We want to BUILD & DESIGN too. So, we start small. Meet our 508made minty side table: We aren’t big into modern or complicated design {obviously}. Just usable furniture that brings color to your home… These pieces are NOT perfect Read More

No. 30 & 31 {fraternal twins}

Hello friends. I am happy happy to share our latest bright and chippy set of chairs with you…PLUS they are in our shop. For YOU. Sweeet. Meet No. 30… and No. 31… We found them both like this…not sure why I only have the one chair in this photo. And, unfortunately for you, this pic does not demonstrate how NOT WHITE that white fabric was when we got them… The seats are covered with vintage sheet fabric… …and are now Read More