No. 42 {big boy blue}… a-wedding-gift …again

No. 42 {big boy blue}… a-wedding-gift …again

No. 42 {big boy blue}

I told you I had a massively big and beautiful sapphire blue piece to show you. Well, meet No. 42. This was one of those pieces I bought with out a plan. Meaning…there is NO WAY I am going to be able to ship this to a client…we don’t really have a place for it in our home…but it looks like a giant’s desk….so how can I pass it by?? So, it went home with me. And it stayed home, untouched forEVER.

No. 42 {big boy blue}
Then one day, my sister decided to get married (well, that is the short version)…which as I have mentioned was kind of a big deal around here this spring and kept us busy! OH…let me just stop here and point out that out of all the billions of guys out there, she married one named NATHAN. No, not even “Nate”. NOT COOL JULIE. Way to make family gatherings even MORE complicated.
Anyway, we began discussing which piece would be their wedding gift, and she is all….”well, I have no furniture in our dining room and I need a big piece to put linens & dishes…I like that unfinished one in your hallway though…”. BAM. Just like that, No. 42 became theirs.

Here he is when he looked like a giant’s desk…
No. 42 {BEFORE}
And after a massive amount of the very best shade of blue, a LOT of love and a fun shelf in the middle to accommodate baskets for linens and such…
No. 42 {big boy blue}
Again, sorry for the weird photos. I really don’t know what I am doing when I take them and I always wait until the last minute to take photos and it is always the wrong weather or time of day. Oh to be rich and hire a photographer….anyway, this photo shows best how the blue looks in person…
No. 42 {big boy blue}

The hardware on the piece was MADE for it. I bought the hardware probably 2 years ago, waiting for just the right massive piece of furniture to use them on. So, I guess buying stuff with “NO PLAN” and just because it is “cool” sometimes actually works out for good…no?
No. 42 {big boy blue}
And here a quick snapshot of No. 42 right after it was brought to it’s new home…

Love you both, Julie & Nathan. Thanks to G&G and Judy/Mike for making it happen!

  • Spillane Em

    I think it’s GORGEOUS! Great job and congrats to Nat(e)than and Julie! Yay!

  • Liz Nelson..(Mom)

    Just such a unique piece, and you did an amazing job making it so pretty and useful…awesome!

  • Maggie Kmiecik

    Oh my gosh, this made me stop in my tracks. It came out soooo gorgeous! I love how the light looks through the handles and how well they go with the gold colors. Fantastic job! 

  • Marthag86

    Hi: Lovely job. Just wondering, did you use milk paint? If not, did you get the distressing in the technique (wax perhaps?)? Thanks 

    • fiveoeight

       I actually wanted to use milk paint for this piece, but I didn’t have a chance to go get the color I wanted in time! So, I decided to just heavily use wax before painting and distress that way. This method is definitely more work, but the effect is a little different than milk paint, which I like (plus it is more predictable!)

  • Kristen

    what paint brand and color did you use? 

  • Julie Plants

    We still comment pretty regularly that this is our favorite piece of furniture in our house. We absolutely love it! Thank you sooo much