No. 42 Blue Buffet

No. 42 {big boy blue}… a-wedding-gift …again

I told you I had a massively big and beautiful sapphire blue piece to show you. Well, meet No. 42. This was one of those pieces I bought with out a plan. Meaning…there is NO WAY I am going to be able to ship this to a client…we don’t really have a place for it in our home…but it looks like a giant’s desk….so how can I pass it by?? So, it went home with me. And it stayed home, Read More

No. 13 Gray Buffet

No. 13 {a good luck charm}

No. 13 is my Nonni’s most favorite number in the world. I know some people think its bad luck…WHATEVER. I remember getting 13 Christmas gifts as a child from my Nonni strictly because it was her favorite…so to me, its a pretty good number. All that to say? No. 13 is a special piece, so I had to make him a DOOZIE. He is a big beautiful BEAST of a piece and I adore him. {No. 13 Gray Buffet available Read More