No 18 end table after

No. 18 {imperfect}

BEFORE {YIKES} AFTER Ok, there is kind of a story behind this ol thing. Numbero uno…it was in very bad shape when we got it. We found it in that same abandoned home on my brother-in-law’s property that we found the vintage wallpaper. It had been thrown out of the window by people who ripped up the old wood floors.  The piece was a wreck. All that said, this was kind of an experimental piece for me. Here was the Read More

No. 13 Gray Buffet

No. 13 {a good luck charm}

No. 13 is my Nonni’s most favorite number in the world. I know some people think its bad luck…WHATEVER. I remember getting 13 Christmas gifts as a child from my Nonni strictly because it was her favorite…so to me, its a pretty good number. All that to say? No. 13 is a special piece, so I had to make him a DOOZIE. He is a big beautiful BEAST of a piece and I adore him. {No. 13 Gray Buffet available Read More

vintage jars and bottles…

Happy Thursday! There is nothing better than taking a pile of dirty JUNK and turning into something beautiful… photos: eatdrinkchic blog A few weekends ago, we were out at my brother-in-laws farm and I came across a STASH of old vintage bottles/jars he had collected from his property. OK, so they don’t look exactly like the above pics, but I am working on them… {before} {after} I have no pretty flowers to put in them yet because my garden is Read More