Our sweet 16′s are a fav on Design Sponge!

Last Wednesday I had oral surgery (wisdom teeth removed)….so I am less wise…less wiser…lost my wisdom…lacking wisdom…whatever, there was not much there to begin with. SO, some very painful days went by and I TOTALLY missed last Thursday’s Before & After column on Design Sponge….which featured some of my MOST favorite 508 pieces (No. 16 twins)! A late, but very much appreciated, THANK YOU to Kate for listing them as “best of” end tables! (see full post on d*s here) Read More

blues day

Totally diggin this plate I found in THIS shop… Guess blue is on the brain because it looks like my new blue: In other news, I am kinda BLUE today anyway for 2 reasons: 1.  Sometimes a piece of furniture just doesn’t work out like I picture it….FOR EXAMPLE: No. 14 is actually complete (the one with the map). But the top didn’t turn out how I wanted it…which may not be bad….but I haven’t decided on it yet. A Read More

keeping it wheel

Yeah. This is my new fav shirt. No one is allowed to say they don’t like it. My 2 yr old took the photo. She totally has a future in photography. Photography without heads. Weekend/508 update. 1. You might be wondering…what the heck has she been doing? The answer? ADD. I have been working quite a bit, actually….just never on the same stuff. There are 4 peices that are halfway done right now and one that is complete but not Read More

workshop update {bloody knuckles & doors}

Ok, its gross. Funny part about this photo? It was ME that had to point out to Nathan that his hands looked like this when he came in to EAT lunch after working on the doors. GROSS. How could you not know you hands are bleeding and ice cold? I would by crying and wrapping gauze around each individual finger asking for a day off of work. And yes, that is his wedding ring (tattoo)…he lost the first TWO actual Read More

a sneak peek and some updates before the weekend!

Here is goes: #1 – the above picture is a sneak peek at No. 18 which is actually FINISHED just not DRY so i am waiting to take his pictures #2 – the above picture is also a peek at my new sweater/boot/slippers from my sister that I wear CONSTANTLY because it is cold in my home….so yeah…you got a two-fer on that photo #3 – our family has had the flu. AGAIN. different strand, i guess…whatever….and when i say Read More

workshop update {a lot of white}

Since the last update….the walls are up and some of the windows in and framed. Keep in mind all the wood is cut from trees on Nathan’s family’s property and sawed by Nathan and his brothers/dad on their sawmill. Like 1594 style. Like awesome. I say all this because the whole building is very “rough cut” look. And will stay that way. I might not even paint it. WAIT. I PAINT EVERYTHING. But I won’t paint it anytime soon. OH. Read More