keeping it wheel


This is my new fav shirt. No one is allowed to say they don’t like it.

My 2 yr old took the photo. She totally has a future in photography. Photography without heads.

keeping it wheel target shirt

Weekend/508 update.

1. You might be wondering…what the heck has she been doing? The answer? ADD.

I have been working quite a bit, actually….just never on the same stuff. There are 4 peices that are halfway done right now and one that is complete but not photographed. Failure. Good news is, I have plenty to show & hopefully fill up the etsy shop soon!

2. I potty trained my daughter last week. It has been a SLIGHT distraction. She is a superstar tho.

3. I have some fun “found” things that I have been accumulating in the last few weeks. In my search for furniture, I come across some pretty excellent vintage finds…but I can’t keep them all. WELL, I could, but Nathan says its not a good idea.

SO, I have been tossing around the idea of adding some of it to my etsy shop…WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should I just stick to furniture? OPINIONS please.

{found this sweet white crotchet throw last week}

white crotchet throw

{and a Burpee seed sack in excellent condition…PERFECT for a chair?}

burpee seed sack

Have a great weekend!