a good find + quick before and after

Did everyone have a thankful Thanksgiving? Was it immediately followed by feeling behind for Christmas? I feel like my turkey hasn’t even digested and I am seeing everyone with Christmas lights on their porches. Anywho…..here is a fun thing I did that made me feel like I accomplished something… NO IDEA WHY this wasn’t snatched up already…..but I scored this lamp base for a mere $5 at an estate store the other day…..it was chippy and had a weird finish Read More

a wooden crate with a new bottom

This old crate was a great find by Nathan’s brother…well, it was really just the sides of an old crate. BUT, it was free. We attached those two pieces of wood you see laying in the background. This worked very nicely for many months and ended up a a prop for a several photo shoots….. But, I recently painted the back with leftover red paint- didn’t sand it or nothin. I did clean the crate…but that was about it. Now Read More

my new old books

On one of our “day time dates” with out the kids, Nathan and I were at the estate specialist (duh) and started to look at some old books. We scored several unique vintage books that I am so excited about. The BEE on the cover? Yeah, its crazy cool. It is called: Ahhhhh! It is awesome. Period. Look at the binding: A colorful vintage nursery ryme book was in the mix: And last but not least…THIS IS CRAZY. Here is Read More

Look at this: grandma’s quilt

We just recently inherited this quilt made by Nathan’s grandma. It was left in her home after she passed, along with a bunch of others that she made. I feel so blessed to have known her and to have a little something made by her means the world to me. You had a sneak peek last week as it posed next to No. 19… You can see it has been used and worn, but for us, its perfect. I am Read More

old school

We found this on the side of the road. You can kind of see why it was tossed to the curb. The little guy needs some serious help. The wood is actually pretty solid, so I think it could be great… {via Norskeinterior} Not sure If I will paint it WHITE or go with COLOR or even REFINISH the wood. Thoughts? -s

keeping it wheel

Yeah. This is my new fav shirt. No one is allowed to say they don’t like it. My 2 yr old took the photo. She totally has a future in photography. Photography without heads. Weekend/508 update. 1. You might be wondering…what the heck has she been doing? The answer? ADD. I have been working quite a bit, actually….just never on the same stuff. There are 4 peices that are halfway done right now and one that is complete but not Read More

lamp love…

I rarely go, but every once in a while I will find something at the goodwill that can be given a little love and easily fit in my home. These lamps @ $5 each +  yellow paint + new lamp shade = perfect bedside lamp set… Still deciding on lamp shade colors….hence the plastic…but you get the idea… Sweet! cheers, s

some {potential} beauties…

Pretty stoked we were able to pick these pieces up the other day… {1} I know some of you will judge for painting this one…but the picture looks WAY better than it is. {2} Yes, it is solid wood…..great detailing….but a HOT MESS….the color is all funky and it needs some serious love. ~~~ Working on the trunk now….thank you ALL for your color suggestions! It was VERY helpful and I think I know just what to do…. Have a Read More

vintage jars and bottles…

Happy Thursday! There is nothing better than taking a pile of dirty JUNK and turning into something beautiful… photos: eatdrinkchic blog A few weekends ago, we were out at my brother-in-laws farm and I came across a STASH of old vintage bottles/jars he had collected from his property. OK, so they don’t look exactly like the above pics, but I am working on them… {before} {after} I have no pretty flowers to put in them yet because my garden is Read More

ice ice baby…

Remember this little gem?  Picked it up at the estate specialist  $3.00 …. {before} Now the beauty will serve as a nice little flower planter- too bad I know almost nothing about flowers. Any suggestions on what type to stick in it? Since it was an ice box, it already has a hard plastic liner in it….PERFECT. {after} I thought about polishing the copper on it, but I kinda like it like this…. I would have more pics, but the Read More