a wooden crate with a new bottom

This old crate was a great find by Nathan’s brother…well, it was really just the sides of an old crate. BUT, it was free.
Wooden Crate {before}

We attached those two pieces of wood you see laying in the background. This worked very nicely for many months and ended up a a prop for a several photo shoots…..
old crate kellan photo shoot

But, I recently painted the back with leftover red paint- didn’t sand it or nothin. I did clean the crate…but that was about it. Now it is on top of my fridge holding my tiny collection of cookbooks that I never use because of google {and because I don’t cook a lot}.
Wooden Crate

Yes, my plant is dying.

I like it on top of the fridge, but eventually would like to mount it on a wall for a little bookshelf.

I have some more furniture being worked on too. All in due time.