Hanging a Fabric embroidery Hoop arrangement

Back 11 months ago {yes, that would be last Christmas}, Nathan bought me these fabric hoops. Being ever so thoughtful, he remembered me saying I wanted to display some of my scrap fabrics this way.

Well, I have a lot of ideas, ok? And I don’t always do them…right away. But now this is done and it is very pretty in my dining room and I did it like this:
Hanging Fabric Hoops

There are a bunch of gallery-collection-hanging-tips online, so I am sure this is old news blues…like maybe 11 months ago news? But I thought I would write it out anyway. In case this is the first blog you have ever read. {Wouldn’t that be cool?}

1. Place the fabric in the hoops,  tighten & trim close. {I didn’t glue like some people, because I change my mind too often and knew these fabrics would change.}
2. Trace ALL your hoops on white paper and cut out paper circles.
3. Arranged how you want on the wall with painter’s tape.
4. Nail directly into the center-top of the paper & hang your hoops!

    Done and Done. Easy Peezy.

    UNLESS you decide to add grandma’s flower painting in the middle. Then you take some of the hoops away and place the painting on one of the existing nails. I like the randomness of the placements now.
    Fabric Hoop Arrangement {with painting}

    Oh, and I need a table/sideboard/credenza thing. Yes, the furniture girl needs a lot of furniture.

    Welcome again to all our new viewers- have a good weekend!