a wooden crate with a new bottom

This old crate was a great find by Nathan’s brother…well, it was really just the sides of an old crate. BUT, it was free. We attached those two pieces of wood you see laying in the background. This worked very nicely for many months and ended up a a prop for a several photo shoots….. But, I recently painted the back with leftover red paint- didn’t sand it or nothin. I did clean the crate…but that was about it. Now Read More

No. 24 {a custom beauty}

RED. Yes people, we painted a piece RED. First red piece EVER. And I have to admit, it was the perfect one to do it on. My friend of a friend, “J”,  brought me this piece from DC and the poor bench was half-way covered in mint green paint. VERY poor and incomplete paint job. It was sad. Does this picture make it look good? Well, it wasn’t good. Just take my word… here is sweet 24 before: Moving on….”J” Read More