No. 24 {a custom beauty}

RED. Yes people, we painted a piece RED. First red piece EVER. And I have to admit, it was the perfect one to do it on. My friend of a friend, “J”,  brought me this piece from DC and the poor bench was half-way covered in mint green paint. VERY poor and incomplete paint job. It was sad. Does this picture make it look good? Well, it wasn’t good. Just take my word… here is sweet 24 before: Moving on….”J” Read More

No. 22 & No. 23 {vintage locker room chairs}

I have a problem. I can’t stop accumulating chairs. I really love them. It is my chance to try a color I may be a weee bit nervous to try on a bigger piece. So our kitchen chairs were UGLY. They stood out next to our barn wood table and not in a good way. Both free or under $5….and you can definitely tell… So one day I took a sample I had of a suuuuuuper dark navy blue (we Read More

the No. 21 twins {bold & beautiful}

Three months. That is a long break. But let me tell you, it was needed. For all who are wondering, 508 is still here and still making fabulous furniture! We took some time to recoup/regroup and make some decisions as a family as to how to move forward! This is going to be a kind of long post because I have tons of (what I think are cool) photos to show you PLUS, at the end of this post, I Read More