the No. 21 twins {bold & beautiful}

Three months. That is a long break. But let me tell you, it was needed. For all who are wondering, 508 is still here and still making fabulous furniture! We took some time to recoup/regroup and make some decisions as a family as to how to move forward! This is going to be a kind of long post because I have tons of (what I think are cool) photos to show you PLUS, at the end of this post, I Read More

before & after: basket and living room face lift…

Happy Monday everyone…. Over the weekend, our  living room received a QUICK  face lift for spring. I threw on some natural couch covers (wrinkly and messy, but who cares? it is summer!) and white sheers on the windows. This painting was done by my Grandmother- so beautiful. I am trying to find a frame so I can hang it in the room… This basket is where we put all our games, but the black was not cutting it. BEFORE: AFTER: Read More