beautiful {vintage flower paintings} & family paintings

Came across this image and the beauty of this space just struck me… {via decor8} I just love that collection of vintage flower paintings. They reminded me of this one you have seen pose with No. 20… Isn’t it beautiful? That was done by my Grandma Nelson who lives in CT and it was just handed down to me a few weeks ago. I can not tell you how much it means for me to have this in my home! Read More

a horse of course

It is really my mom who is the lover of horses….I grew up with 3 of them (horses, not moms). But I keep coming across this photographer and the images, to me, are striking. I am trying to narrow down my favorite because I would LOVE to have an extra large print…like this one: It is images like these that give me inspiration…such beautiful composition of grays and whites…. TAILED BLUE by Jennifer Meyers…please stop by her shop. And if Read More

{reclaim it} crate and color

{Tea for Joy} {Lykke Lise} Decorating with old crates is a thing now. Nothing new. But these images of PAINTED CRATES have caught my eye lately. Maybe its because we have a FANTASTIC old crate just sitting on the front porch being neglected- sad story, I know. We found it like this (courtesy of Nathan’s brother): It had no bottom to it, so we found some old boards and attached them. Easy peezy. It has even been in a few Read More

{reclaim it} a pallet and a dream

{image via remodelista} Have i ever told you about my dream? Here it goes. If I had my dream, I would live on the coast of southern italy with my family and own a scooter rental business- just like the girl at the end of the Bourne Identity movie. My kitchen would look like this and I would love it. I would be super tan and carefree and I would be awesome enough to use a PALLET to hold my Read More

look at this: lovely mess

I am a bad blogger because I really have no idea the source of this image. (so, if you know, give a shout out) I found it a while back and there is something about it that is endearing to me. The crazy mix of color and randomness…looks like such a fun person to visit, right? Yellow doors and red trunk. I like it. Cheersl s