No. 41 White Side Table

No. 41 {freshy fresh}

Starting off fresh with No. 41 this Monday morning! Take a look at this looker… I have had this suuuuper pale mint/jade paint color in my stock for a while now…just waiting for the perfect little number to use it on. This is one of those rare times I went glossy, NO distressing…I know…SHOCKING. Couple that with the brightest orange I have EVER used and OH MAN…I am totally diggin it. (do people still say “diggin it”?) No. 41 was Read More

No. 37 Stool with yellow feet

We will name him No. 37 {the stool with yellow feet}

You might have sneaked a peek or you maybe didn’t notice…but you might have seen our yellow-footed friend posing  next to Minty {No. 34} in the Lilla Vän shoot… He is a new addition to our 508made family of stools & side tables. As you can see, I have decided to go ahead and start numbering our 508 made items along with the others. I don’t know why…just go with it. The design for our stool came straight from the mind Read More

No. 27 {an itty bitty ditty}

Happy Monday! Good weekend? We did…full of furniture, friends and glasses repair (that would be the 2nd pair of broken glasses for our 18 month old in 3 weeks). Lucky for you, we get to start your week by introducing our itty bitty ditty No. 27…the cutest side table ever made! We are diggin the size and FUNK he has going on… We had a tiny collection of great paper…just enough for this job…then combined it with some lovely blue Read More

the No. 26 pair {a real rescue story}

pleased to introduce you to the No. 26 pair… No. 26’s came from humble beginnings. We did not find them as end tables. What we actually found was a very very sad, old dressing table. And I mean it…SAD. The veneer was a mess, the mirror was damaged and missing pieces…, who uses a dressing table anymore? So it was between tossing it to the curb or doing some major reinventing. So, here is what we did {in photos}…. They Read More

No. 15 Blue Dresser

No. 15 {blue & ivory}

Some pretty good wear and tear and knobs that were too small…but over all good bones. Now, she is perfect and blue and scratched and stained and dented and beautiful. I mean, I warned you about this blue and all of it’s glory. Totally appropriate that No. 15 was {re}born in April. I found some extra large wooden knobs at our REstore and painted them to fit the piece. Never done that before. A whole new world… Yup. My toes. Read More

{reclaim it} crate and color

{Tea for Joy} {Lykke Lise} Decorating with old crates is a thing now. Nothing new. But these images of PAINTED CRATES have caught my eye lately. Maybe its because we have a FANTASTIC old crate just sitting on the front porch being neglected- sad story, I know. We found it like this (courtesy of Nathan’s brother): It had no bottom to it, so we found some old boards and attached them. Easy peezy. It has even been in a few Read More

trunk funk… {need your suggestions}

Eleven is almost finished- sorry, this one is a lot more detailed and is taking longer. In the mean time, I thought I would show you THIS awesomeness that I picked up and it is in the pipeline… The exterior is in poor shape, so I must paint it…but I need your suggestions on color… the interior I love with my whole heart….of course I will repair it too, but probably keep the original paper… Suggestions on color? -s

a tiny nubbin bed…

Ella is 19 months and officially A BIG GIRL (or so she thinks/acts). A month ago we switched her to a toddler bed. I was slightly worried about the switch….and by slightly I mean, I was sure she would be able to get out of bed, open the door, climb over the railing and fall down the stairs. But NOT ELLA- she was all “SO? BIG DEAL..I am in a big girl bed”. She took to it like a champion. Read More