No. 37 Stool with yellow feet

We will name him No. 37 {the stool with yellow feet}

You might have sneaked a peek or you maybe didn’t notice…but you might have seen our yellow-footed friend posing  next to Minty {No. 34} in the Lilla Vän shoot… He is a new addition to our 508made family of stools & side tables. As you can see, I have decided to go ahead and start numbering our 508 made items along with the others. I don’t know why…just go with it. The design for our stool came straight from the mind Read More

scrap wood stool {the industructable kind}

We have an active son. I guess that is what you call one who likes to pick large objects up and slam them down- sumo style? Not out of anger…just because it is fun…and loud…and he is a BOY. Our previous stool was handed down from Nathan’s grandaddy…and we really liked it…but it was not built with Lincoln Torrence in mind. Just last week it was slammed down for the last time and it fell to pieces. Sad. We use Read More

tiny project

This is Ella’s stool for the kitchen. It was Nathan’s grandaddy’s and it was in poor shape. I took a FANTASTIC sample of teal and a FANTASTIC sample of leather (from my old workplace) and gave it a tiny update. Honestly? It was not that great to begin with and I am not crazy about it…. BUT ella is a HUGE fan and uses it constantly {had a small freak out session when it was gone for a few days Read More