fiveoeight and a 1/2

We don’t JUST do furniture. That quote, “more ideas than time” describes me in a nutshell. I am A.D.D. and creative and have 2 small kids….not a terrific combo. Soooo one lazy Sunday afternoon we decided to build what we call “508 1/2″….and obviously it became a not-so-lazy sunday. It’s just that we felt like our kids were left out when we built this: Cause OBVIOUSLY this was not big enough for our kids to play in {sarcasm}. Soooo…..we built Read More

tiny project

This is Ella’s stool for the kitchen. It was Nathan’s grandaddy’s and it was in poor shape. I took a FANTASTIC sample of teal and a FANTASTIC sample of leather (from my old workplace) and gave it a tiny update. Honestly? It was not that great to begin with and I am not crazy about it…. BUT ella is a HUGE fan and uses it constantly {had a small freak out session when it was gone for a few days Read More

let there be light!

In the spirit of a New Year, I thought I would have new light! I don’t know what that means. BUT. Your gonna love this anyway. My gift from Nathan’s mom was this new dining room chandelier. Sounds boring? IT IS AWESOME. I am a little embarrassed to show you the “before” photo…mainly because our last fixture had so much dust on it, the globes look brown. You’ll get over it though. Here is the BEFORE NOW: BAM. There are Read More

creating a hallway closet when you don’t have one

OUR HOME is great. I mean, we like it. We do pray we won’t live here forever but it’s just fine for now. Plus its really old so we can do whatever we want to it and it will only improve. Which is nice. For me. Because I change stuff every 30 seconds. I have a point. My home has no storage- no closet space. I hate it. I tend to get more irritated about this in the winter when Read More

before and after: rocking chair…

Like I told you before, I scored this little number on Craigslist the other week: Over the weekend, in between the rain storms, I worked on it and YES it is white. BUT before you judge, I just need to let it be known that is was my HUSBAND who said to do it white. Then I finished it off with this beautiful linen seat. I do like it a lot. I MAY change the fabric on the seat because Read More

before & after: basket and living room face lift…

Happy Monday everyone…. Over the weekend, our  living room received a QUICK  face lift for spring. I threw on some natural couch covers (wrinkly and messy, but who cares? it is summer!) and white sheers on the windows. This painting was done by my Grandmother- so beautiful. I am trying to find a frame so I can hang it in the room… This basket is where we put all our games, but the black was not cutting it. BEFORE: AFTER: Read More