fiveoeight and a 1/2

We don’t JUST do furniture.
That quote, “more ideas than time” describes me in a nutshell. I am A.D.D. and creative and have 2 small kids….not a terrific combo. Soooo one lazy Sunday afternoon we decided to build what we call “508 1/2″….and obviously it became a not-so-lazy sunday.
It’s just that we felt like our kids were left out when we built this:
fiveoeight workshop 508

Cause OBVIOUSLY this was not big enough for our kids to play in {sarcasm}. Soooo…..we built one for them too. We have problems. We call it:
508 1/2

Scrap from the 508 workshop + leftover 508 paint + 1 super-fast builder = playhouse.
We {Nathan} had to dig a little wedge for it because our yard is downhill. Which I hate btw. OH- and it took more than that ONE day. But all in all it was pretty basic and pretty quick {as you can see}.
building 508 1/2

I love walking out to the back yard seeing this:
building 508 1/2

Ella (on her own initiative) helped paint the whole thing plus stencil the numbers. I guess she has seen me do it so many times she was inspired (or thought it was normal).
ella stenciling 508 1/2

finished 508 1/2

Oh- and did I mention it is filled with sand? Kids happy = mamma happy. End of story.


OH- just realized there is no pic of the entire thing! When our rain stops, I will update with a pic of the whole 508 1/2.