fiveoeight and a 1/2

We don’t JUST do furniture. That quote, “more ideas than time” describes me in a nutshell. I am A.D.D. and creative and have 2 small kids….not a terrific combo. Soooo one lazy Sunday afternoon we decided to build what we call “508 1/2″….and obviously it became a not-so-lazy sunday. It’s just that we felt like our kids were left out when we built this: Cause OBVIOUSLY this was not big enough for our kids to play in {sarcasm}. Soooo…..we built Read More

my favorite boy is back

Just wanted to take a moment in my crazy life to share how thankful I am for my Lincoln James…… that he is not sick…… YES. My love is totally conditional. He has had a double ear infection and TWO doctor visits and TWO drugs later….. I have my sweet boy back! And my life back! And my sleep back! Yay! I love him more than the universe. -s

a photo story: Lincoln James Torrence…

Ok everyone. I am back. I have a reDONKulous amount of stuff to share. FIRST and foremost is my son, Lincoln. Today he is exactly 2 weeks old and OH MAN do I love this boy. He is so perfect. He eats and sleeps really well (which I could not say the same about my daughter) and I couldn’t be more blessed. My one and ONLY complaint is that he is very gassy….BUT, like father like son, right?  Too much Read More

and then there were four…

Lincoln James Torrence was born June 15! 20″ long and 7lb 11oz of PERFECT. Whether you like it or not, a big ol’ picture gallery is going to be posted soon in honor of our new son. Until then (in other words: until I get my life together)….feast your eyes upon THIS 5 day old stud!!! cheers!! sarah

give me a break…

SO Because my child refuses to come out on his own, I will be induced tomorrow morn. BOOO for inducing. YAY for not being pregnant a day longer. It may be a week or so until I post again which REALLY STINKS for all of YOU because I have 3 new pieces just dying to be photographed….but alas it will all have to wait on LINCOLN JAMES TORRENCE. When you see me again, I will be a super skinny super Read More

got pregnant, then got pictures….

So I have this friend- well, she is more than a friend- she is the best. We go WAY back – I mean, I knew her before I started plucking my eyebrows. Her name is Kelly and together with her husband, they run a fabulously creative photography company KELLAN STUDIOS. Listen, they have MAD PHOTOGRAPHY SKILZ- ok? Well, because she is nice and because I don’t have a single shot of me by myself in the last YEAR, Kelly did Read More