a photo story: Lincoln James Torrence…

Ok everyone. I am back.

I have a reDONKulous amount of stuff to share.

FIRST and foremost is my son, Lincoln. Today he is exactly 2 weeks old and OH MAN do I love this boy. He is so perfect.

He eats and sleeps really well (which I could not say the same about my daughter) and I couldn’t be more blessed. My one and ONLY complaint is that he is very gassy….BUT, like father like son, right?  Too much info? You will get over it.

So here goes the first few beautiful moments through these past few weeks…..enjoy!

Lincoln only minutes old

First bath…

Lincoln's first bath

Lincoln's first bath

LOVE him…

mommy kisses

lincoln's first outfit

This is what I got to stare at for 2 days in the hospital….perfection….

Lincoln snug as a bug

She seems happy about this…..right???

Big Sister holding Lincoln for the first time

Kisses from Ella…

Ella kissing Lincoln for the first time

Going home….


First mohawk….

Lincoln's first mohawk

This is how he rolls…

chillax to the max

Tomorrow you will get to see “Nine”…

9 sneak peak