fiveoeight and a 1/2

We don’t JUST do furniture. That quote, “more ideas than time” describes me in a nutshell. I am A.D.D. and creative and have 2 small kids….not a terrific combo. Soooo one lazy Sunday afternoon we decided to build what we call “508 1/2″….and obviously it became a not-so-lazy sunday. It’s just that we felt like our kids were left out when we built this: Cause OBVIOUSLY this was not big enough for our kids to play in {sarcasm}. Soooo…..we built Read More

workshop update {bloody knuckles & doors}

Ok, its gross. Funny part about this photo? It was ME that had to point out to Nathan that his hands looked like this when he came in to EAT lunch after working on the doors. GROSS. How could you not know you hands are bleeding and ice cold? I would by crying and wrapping gauze around each individual finger asking for a day off of work. And yes, that is his wedding ring (tattoo)…he lost the first TWO actual Read More

workshop update {a lot of white}

Since the last update….the walls are up and some of the windows in and framed. Keep in mind all the wood is cut from trees on Nathan’s family’s property and sawed by Nathan and his brothers/dad on their sawmill. Like 1594 style. Like awesome. I say all this because the whole building is very “rough cut” look. And will stay that way. I might not even paint it. WAIT. I PAINT EVERYTHING. But I won’t paint it anytime soon. OH. Read More

workshop update {he made it alive}

More huge steps being made on the workshop…which is great. HOWEVER. I walked outside to check on the boys and saw THIS… OH WAIT….does that not look very high to you? Let me back up… SO. They {obviously} were able to put the ridge cap on…and by “they”, I mean “Nathan” put the ridge cap on…which is fair cause its our workshop…but still. His brothers could have totally offered to sacrifice their lives too. But they didn’t. In other news….you Read More

workshop update {raise the ROOF}

We sort of owe our lives to Nathan’s brothers and dad…they devoted yet another precious Saturday to help put the roof up on the workshop. Um, the pitch of the roof was a death trap… Definitely a SLIGHT chance necks could have been broken on this day….but its not any fun with out risks…. I mean….its awesome, right? Sometimes I just stand in it while it’s raining and admire how nicely I am staying dry… Not really, but if it Read More