workshop update {he made it alive}

More huge steps being made on the workshop…which is great. HOWEVER. I walked outside to check on the boys and saw THIS… OH WAIT….does that not look very high to you? Let me back up… SO. They {obviously} were able to put the ridge cap on…and by “they”, I mean “Nathan” put the ridge cap on…which is fair cause its our workshop…but still. His brothers could have totally offered to sacrifice their lives too. But they didn’t. In other news….you Read More

this is something personal. {EmmersonMade.}

This is about my personal style. So if you don’t care, just keep scrolling. I am trying to be inspired for clothes for our photos this weekend. So, naturally, I turn to EmmersonMade. Sometimes its too dressy for a girl like me, but 9x out of 10 I am ALL ABOUT whats going on over there… hmmmmm… had 2 kids? check. not blonde? check. don’t own an awesome $325 leather belt? check. a husband that refuses to call his clothes Read More


We’re live! Have a look around, bookmark us, and be sure to visit often. 508’s new blog is about fabulous furniture, inspiring design and the two people insane enough to do it all. WELCOME.  {stay a while} Keep checking in…portfolio page to come soon! Cheers! nathan + sarah