workshop update {he made it alive}

More huge steps being made on the workshop…which is great.

HOWEVER. I walked outside to check on the boys and saw THIS…

workshop: putting on ridgecap

OH WAIT….does that not look very high to you? Let me back up…

workshop: putting on ridgecap

SO. They {obviously} were able to put the ridge cap on…and by “they”, I mean “Nathan” put the ridge cap on…which is fair cause its our workshop…but still. His brothers could have totally offered to sacrifice their lives too. But they didn’t.

workshop: putting on ridgecap

In other news….you will notice in the middle photo that they put the floor down on the 2nd level too {yay!}.

They also put all the siding up on the back wall and I would show you a pic, but it is raining outside and I have absolutely no intention of going out to take a photo. Also my daughter has the stomach flu. Awesome. {not really, it is very sad}.

May your Tuesday be better than mine.