workshop update {a lot of white}

workshop update with snow

Since the last update….the walls are up and some of the windows in and framed.

Keep in mind all the wood is cut from trees on Nathan’s family’s property and sawed by Nathan and his brothers/dad on their sawmill. Like 1594 style. Like awesome.

I say all this because the whole building is very “rough cut” look. And will stay that way. I might not even paint it.


I PAINT EVERYTHING. But I won’t paint it anytime soon.

OH. And the windows are from an old house so we didn’t buy those either.

We need to put more windows in and the doors (is that not clear by all the plastic hanging up?).

OH. And by “we”, I definitely mean “Nathan”.

OH. And it snowed a bunch yesterday. Which is very fun.

Have a great weekend!!! We will be enjoying the snow!