a treasury, you say?

"Furniture + Typography" Etsy TreasuryOk.

This is just a quick one.

Most of you know how an Etsy “treasury” works…but to some, it is a new creature.

Thought I would share really quick.

For those of you unfamiliar with Etsy – its a website for people to buy and sell hand/home made goods. You can find our 508 shop on Etsy!

Nathan just created this “treasury” {above} on Etsy (u can view more if you click). Treasuries are simply collections of products.

Our furniture on Etsy gets put in to a lot of treasuries- which is GREAT because the more clicks, the more people see your shop, the better…right?

Here are some examples:


“Shade of Grey”

“Feels like Dancing”

Being featured in all these treasuries compelled us to join in.

You should too.

Christmas is ALMOST here people. I am running around like a crazy person…but now it is time to SLOOOOOOWWW down….