before & after: basket and living room face lift…

Happy Monday everyone….

living room white sheers

Over the weekend, our  living room received a QUICK  face lift for spring. I threw on some natural couch covers (wrinkly and messy, but who cares? it is summer!) and white sheers on the windows. This painting was done by my Grandmother- so beautiful. I am trying to find a frame so I can hang it in the room…

living room for spring

This basket is where we put all our games, but the black was not cutting it.


basket- before

AFTER:living room face lift

I will probably keep it as an “end table” but…..who knows?

basket- slate blue

I chose “slate blue”- MUCH lighter and very pretty for spring…

basket- after

I love sheers in the summer to let all that natural light in…



  • Lindsay

    i love all your postings! so pretty. wanna start an interior design business with me? hope you’re well!

  • Dr. Sophisticus Von Rainseed

    That is a stunning box from Germany in the picture. It bears a remarkable resemblance to one my Nin Nin kept in her parlor. I would pay a great deal for one such as that so that I might keep it in my office at The Center for People Who Need Their Legs or Arms Fixed. I’m sure my fellow leg and arm doctors would be quite impressed. Would you part with it if I gave you a large sum of money? Or is it a family heirloom?

    • Thank you Dr. Sophisticus Von Rainseed (aka Jonathan Torrence). Actually, it is a family heirloom, but it really means absolutely NOTHING to me. It wasn’t even MY nana’s, it was my husband’s….but the reason I stole it was because I knew how much it meant to my brother-in-law and I really did NOT want him to have it. This may sound mean, but he is CONSTANTLY trying to take the most valuable heirlooms from our family. I had to do something. BUT, let me just say, EVERYTHING is for sale for the right price.

  • Megan

    what type of paint did you use for the basket?

    • fiveoeight

      It was just Satin spray paint…not sure the brand, it was a while ago!