the No. 26 pair {a real rescue story}

pleased to introduce you to the No. 26 pair… No. 26’s came from humble beginnings. We did not find them as end tables. What we actually found was a very very sad, old dressing table. And I mean it…SAD. The veneer was a mess, the mirror was damaged and missing pieces…, who uses a dressing table anymore? So it was between tossing it to the curb or doing some major reinventing. So, here is what we did {in photos}…. They Read More

Barnwood Headboard finished

DIY: barn wood headboard {part three: installed}

{See PART ONE of our DIY headboard here} {See PART TWO of our DIY headboard here} PART THREE: installed in our room! Are we all as excited as I am? We FINALLY have a headboard! We love how it turned out in the end and feel like it has brought something personal to a much neglected bedroom. You might notice that we have no end tables- or anything, really. I have never really hung a picture or put any effort Read More

Our sweet 16′s are a fav on Design Sponge!

Last Wednesday I had oral surgery (wisdom teeth removed)….so I am less wise…less wiser…lost my wisdom…lacking wisdom…whatever, there was not much there to begin with. SO, some very painful days went by and I TOTALLY missed last Thursday’s Before & After column on Design Sponge….which featured some of my MOST favorite 508 pieces (No. 16 twins)! A late, but very much appreciated, THANK YOU to Kate for listing them as “best of” end tables! (see full post on d*s here) Read More

No. 16 Twin End Tables

No. 16 {a lucky pair}

I want you to FINALLY meet the No. 16 twins: I know I promised these before Christmas. But. It was Christmas. Also, I decided to change the color from Crisp White to Bone. So I painted them twice. Give me a stinking break. Here they are BEFORE: And again, NOW: We immediately fell in love with the pair and swiped them up from an estate sale awhile back. Not only did they had KILLER legs, but its hard to find Read More