the No. 26 pair {a real rescue story}

pleased to introduce you to the No. 26 pair… No. 26’s came from humble beginnings. We did not find them as end tables. What we actually found was a very very sad, old dressing table. And I mean it…SAD. The veneer was a mess, the mirror was damaged and missing pieces…, who uses a dressing table anymore? So it was between tossing it to the curb or doing some major reinventing. So, here is what we did {in photos}…. They Read More

fabric pendant and whats up next

Made this fabric pendant for our living room {inspired by THIS ONE seen on pinterest}….I did mine a little different since I didn’t have doilies. Took a bit of learning and tweeking, but over all very easy! I can do a quick DIY on how I did it if anyone is interested…. AND, we just stained these drawers for the No. 26 set! Made from an old dressing table, these end tables/night stands have got a DOOSIE of a before Read More

No. 15 Blue Dresser

No. 15 {blue & ivory}

Some pretty good wear and tear and knobs that were too small…but over all good bones. Now, she is perfect and blue and scratched and stained and dented and beautiful. I mean, I warned you about this blue and all of it’s glory. Totally appropriate that No. 15 was {re}born in April. I found some extra large wooden knobs at our REstore and painted them to fit the piece. Never done that before. A whole new world… Yup. My toes. Read More