a horse of course

tailed blue photography

It is really my mom who is the lover of horses….I grew up with 3 of them (horses, not moms).

tailed blue photography

But I keep coming across this photographer and the images, to me, are striking.

tailed blue photography

I am trying to narrow down my favorite because I would LOVE to have an extra large print…like this one:

tailed blue photography

It is images like these that give me inspiration…such beautiful composition of grays and whites….

tailed blue photography

tailed blue photography

TAILED BLUE by Jennifer Meyers…please stop by her shop. And if you are some type of CRAZY PERSON and aren’t diggin the horses, then there is cattle too…

TAILED BLUE by Jennifer Meyers

Hope this inspires you like it did for me!



{all photos courtesy of Jennifer Meyers}

  • Mom

    They are crazy awesome- great talent …thanks for posting!

  • Sunshine

    Beautiful Creatures. . :)