a wooden crate with a new bottom

This old crate was a great find by Nathan’s brother…well, it was really just the sides of an old crate. BUT, it was free. We attached those two pieces of wood you see laying in the background. This worked very nicely for many months and ended up a a prop for a several photo shoots….. But, I recently painted the back with leftover red paint- didn’t sand it or nothin. I did clean the crate…but that was about it. Now Read More

{reclaim it} a pallet and a dream

{image via remodelista} Have i ever told you about my dream? Here it goes. If I had my dream, I would live on the coast of southern italy with my family and own a scooter rental business- just like the girl at the end of the Bourne Identity movie. My kitchen would look like this and I would love it. I would be super tan and carefree and I would be awesome enough to use a PALLET to hold my Read More

{before & after} barnwood table

Our little table is complete! It is soooo beautiful. When we first collected the wood, it looked like this: And NOW, it looks like this!! AHHHHHHHH! I love it! We don’t really have chairs- ha! {these I just stuck there for the photos}. Our plan is to have a bench for the kids on one side and 2 chairs for us on the other. Its small and narrow and really just for our tiny fam so we don’t have to Read More

Ralph in my kitchen

I found this Raulph Lauren tablecloth at TJ Maxx for $5 yesterday. FIVE DOLLARS. I don’t know why, but it is definitely my favorite find in my home right now. Knowing me, it will probably end up at Home Depot to be color-matched for some piece of furniture in the near future. It is laying nicely on my eat-in kitchen table next to my freshly painted walls. (sometime in the near future, I will do some before and afters of Read More