{before & after} barnwood table

{before & after} barnwood table

barn wood table

Our little table is complete! It is soooo beautiful. When we first collected the wood, it looked like this:

barnwood boards untouched

And NOW, it looks like this!!

barnwood farm table complete

AHHHHHHHH! I love it!

We don’t really have chairs- ha! {these I just stuck there for the photos}. Our plan is to have a bench for the kids on one side and 2 chairs for us on the other. Its small and narrow and really just for our tiny fam so we don’t have to destroy the dining room at every meal.

barnwood farm table complete

Our original thought was to do a whole tutorial on how to build a farm table. But then we didn’t. Fail.

It is because Nathan went out to the shop one Saturday and put it all together in ONE day with out me taking any photos. Oops. The sanding and painting wasn’t complete in a day, but the actual how-to of putting together was out the window. I did catch a few photos when he first started…cutting the legs out on his new table saw from my parents…it was FREEZING that day…

nathan making the legs

And here is the table legs right before we attached & trimmed the wood:

barnwood farm table before

They are solid OAK boards, so we knew they would stand up to a good beating {our kids}. The wood for the legs and the skirt came from the sawmill leftover from our workshop.

I really wasn’t sure how it would look after sanding. So we sanded. A LOT. First with a belt sander, then with a finer and finer grit until it was super smooth.

I also wasn’t sure what to put on the sanded boards to bring out a rich color…so I got some tips from this super fun chica HERE. She used Howard’s Feed and Wax…so I used Howard’s…

howard's feed and wax

and got this…

barnwood farm table complete

YES, there are cracks and giant holes. I don’t care. When they fill up with oatmeal, we might just make a new one and use this as a buffet table- who knows?

barnwood farm table close up

It is a perfect fit in our LITTLE NOOK in our LITTLE KITCHEN with our LITTLE YELLOW DOOR…

kitchen nook

Our little matryoshka nesting dolls from our trip to Kazakhstan keep watch…

kitchen shelf

A matching bench that can slide underneath and 2 small colorful chairs…will make for one happy sunny kitchen, don’t you think?

barnwood farm table

I am sooo thankful to Nathan for all his mad skill. He LOVES to build furniture…hope this will be the first of many using this barnwood. Maybe even end up on our etsy shop one of these days…we have so many designs floating around in our heads…

barnwood farm table

barnwood farm table

Have a beautiful day! Hope your valentines was filled with love.