No. 22 & No. 23 {vintage locker room chairs}

No. 22 & No. 23 {vintage locker room chairs}

No. 22 & 23

I have a problem. I can’t stop accumulating chairs. I really love them. It is my chance to try a color I may be a weee bit nervous to try on a bigger piece.
So our kitchen chairs were UGLY. They stood out next to our barn wood table and not in a good way. Both free or under $5….and you can definitely tell…

No. 22 & 23 {before}

So one day I took a sample I had of a suuuuuuper dark navy blue (we don’t know why) and just started painting…
No. 22 & 23

it was Nathan’s idea to use the gray from our kitchen walls to add interest and there was no room to do the numbers on the back or sides anywhere so I put them on the seat…
No. 22 & 23

No. 22 & 23

No. 22 & 23

OK. So, I really do like them. A lot. BUT, they are TOTALLY BOY chairs.
I call them my vintage locker room chairs.
Is that cool for my kitchen? We don’t know.
No. 22 & 23

I think they would be perfect for a boys room or play room or “man cave” or whatever you people call those rooms set apart for your husbands….
Either way, I LOVE THEM, just can’t decide if I want to keep them.

Ok, that is all I have. You may or may not see these up on our shop- ha!

Or maybe they will go in the living room…
No. 22 & 23

  • Whitney Hale

    These are so fun!! Where do you get the stencils for the numbers? Or are they stencils?? Been wanting some letters…

    • Whitney- they are just a basic stencil you can find at any art supply store…pretty sure these came from AC Moore.

    • Anonymous

      Whit­ney– they are just a basic sten­cil you can find at any art sup­ply store…pretty sure these came from AC Moore.

  • Sunshine

    i love these and i need to come sit in them reall sooon. 

  • sweet chairs! i just found a chair with similar rungs and I thought they looked like mustaches:

  • sunnymother

    May I presume to ask the color of navy these have become?  My boys’ room is slowly skewing nautical locker room, they are ALSO profs of destruction, and I can’t abide most blues…  These chairs look mighty inviting.  

    • fiveoeight

       It is called Planetarium by Behr and I put a stained wax finish on top.