old school

We found this on the side of the road. You can kind of see why it was tossed to the curb. The little guy needs some serious help.

school desk

The wood is actually pretty solid, so I think it could be great…

school room kids desk

{via Norskeinterior}

Not sure If I will paint it WHITE or go with COLOR or even REFINISH the wood. Thoughts?


  • Charity

    Adam saw a desk like this and wants one for when he homeschools next year. Keep a lookout for one. I think Betty’s may have some.

    We are breaking ground next week Sarah and I’m so excited for some fresh ideas on our new space:) :) :)

  • dave

    how do u find out what year these desk r…i have 2 old school desks and i would like 2 find the dates…i have 1 just like this 1 2…………..