No 18 end table after

No. 18 {imperfect}

BEFORE {YIKES} AFTER Ok, there is kind of a story behind this ol thing. Numbero uno…it was in very bad shape when we got it. We found it in that same abandoned home on my brother-in-law’s property that we found the vintage wallpaper. It had been thrown out of the window by people who ripped up the old wood floors.  The piece was a wreck. All that said, this was kind of an experimental piece for me. Here was the Read More

a sneak peek and some updates before the weekend!

Here is goes: #1 – the above picture is a sneak peek at No. 18 which is actually FINISHED just not DRY so i am waiting to take his pictures #2 – the above picture is also a peek at my new sweater/boot/slippers from my sister that I wear CONSTANTLY because it is cold in my home….so yeah…you got a two-fer on that photo #3 – our family has had the flu. AGAIN. different strand, i guess…whatever….and when i say Read More