No. 18 {imperfect}

No. 18 {imperfect}


No 18 end table before


No 18 end table after

Ok, there is kind of a story behind this ol thing. Numbero uno…it was in very bad shape when we got it. We found it in that same abandoned home on my brother-in-law’s property that we found the vintage wallpaper. It had been thrown out of the window by people who ripped up the old wood floors.  The piece was a wreck. All that said, this was kind of an experimental piece for me. Here was the process…

1. sanded the crap out of it. literally.
2. painted it green.
3. distressed it. a lot.
4. hated the green. hated the sanding job.
5. painted it a light gray.
6. distressed it again.
7. loved the gray but it was boring.
8. splashed white paint on the top…
NO 18 end table after

…meanwhile…my thought process during this whole time was…this is just never going to be right…never going to be PERFECT…

No 18 end table after

9. painted “imperfect” on it. which actually looks like “I’m Perfect”….which….it kind of is now….

…in its own imperfect way…

NO 18 end table after

…just like mr. piggy who seems to find its way in many of my photos…

NO 18 end table after

10. stained the whole piece. just to see what would happen. turns out, i really like the piece. but MAN sometimes the creative process is an ORDEAL, ya know?

no 18 end table after
{sorry for the not-so-awesome photos…it was cloudy yesterday when i shot these!}

No. 18 is up on our etsy shop.
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